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Maybe my best pickup ever [macros][trichome action]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lebowski, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Definately in my top 3 pickups ever.

    4 grams of 2 fine quality strains.

    This is a master kush pheno "Silk". It smells like a soft sweet OG smell, not so citrusy, but piney with the diesel aroma and some sweet fruity aromas mixed in.
    It is indica dominant, the body high is powerful but not very tiring or couchlocking. There is a clarity of mind that is wicked and lasts the entire high, amazing euphoria and creative thoughts.
    Its covered in thick milky trichomes on the outside, and has fat clear and milky trichomes inside.


    This is a newly bred strain called TafPak. I'm unsure of its genetic lineage.
    It smells mostly of sandalwood- a slightly spicy woody aroma, with some sweet fruity smells.
    I've only smoked it once so far, but my first impressions are a strong mellow and relaxing high. A very noticable body relaxation and happiness.
    Funny looking trichomes- thin stalks bending under the weight of the fat heads.

  2. those look bomb as shit! hah but I guess that's too be expected living in LA
  3. damn i'd love to smoke that!
  4. That's some trichome-laden heaven, right there.
  5. Everytime I see these threads I decide I'm moving to California.
  6. Epic thricomes, nice pictures and nice weed it must be wonderful to smoke on that.
  7. gorgeous pictures.
  8. I went to +rep you and I got denyed... I already gave you +rep today :)
    Beautiful nugs, some of the best ive seen lately. Great Macros!!!
  9. sick pickup and nice pics how many mp's is your camera, +rep by the way

  10. Thanks!

    7.1 mpx Sony DSC-W55. Its a pocket cam with a great macro lens.
  11. Beautiful buds man. I long for the day I can grow my own...
  12. nice...i need to get a digital camera, those last few threads of mine i have been using my cell phone samsung flipshot 3.0mp haha it does actually take decent pics, but i need better
  13. nice pics. did u get it from the club?
  14. wow...can i have your stems?
  15. good shit man, keep it up
  16. Jesus fucking christ. Wow, just wow.
  17. what settings etc do you use. i have a sony wsc-90
  18. #18 Lebowski, Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2008

    I go outside on a sunny day, but take the pics in the shade.

    Mode- P
    Autofocus- Center
    Whitebalance- auto or daylight
    iso- 100, 200 if low light
    sharpness- +
    Macro on
    No flash

    This camera only has autoexposure :)mad:) so i cant give tips on exposure settings. Also, take 50 photos, then post the few best ones, thats what I do. Each shot I take about 3 of just to make sure 1 has the best focus.


    Jeez this silk is such an awesome strain.
  19. Those are some sick nugs dude. Nice pickup
  20. Damn, one hit of one of those STEMS would probly have me down for the count...

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