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Maybe its just the weed talking....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. ...but ive been reading through the forum this morning and i realized something. This is the only online forum that ive read where peoples threads actually stick to the subject, they dont branch off into arguments or mean spirited things...

    ...Everyone treats people with respect and helps them out when they have a question. If a newb grower/smoker has a question that everyone knows, not a single person replies with a mean comment. Someone always kindly points that person in the right direction and moves on. its great! this forum is the poster child for all others in my opinion, and i think you should all give yourselves a pat on the back for being such groovy hipsters!

    What finally made my type this was because of the thread i read by weedseeker, he offered to send someone seeds for medical of charge!...and in a world where everyone seems to only look out for themselves and doesnt think twice about stabbing someone else in the back for their own personal gain, I just think that it was so awsome for him to do that.

    So thank you everyone for making this forum so enjoyable and toke on!
  2. You are right Nubbin , from day one grasscity has been about respect for each other and the herb.

    I believe in freedom of speech, but I'm always on my guard that nobody takes advantage of this freedom to hurt or make fun of someone else. Last week someone had registred on the board with the username "nigger" . Well this person will not see the light on my domain anymore. His whole domain IP range is banned as well email adresses and email aliases. This was the first person I had banned from our forums since the begining of this board one year ago.

    I believe in morals and respect and, everybody can do his "thing"on As long as we listen to each other and learn and share and have fun we can't go wrong.

    Peace and still going strong!

  3. Well its good to hear that people still want love :). okay-to be less cheesy- its just reassuring to know that there is a place where we all realize what's right and wrong, and respect eachother at the same time... thnaks everyone for making it this way
  4. We all WEED somebody to lean on!!
  5. NuBBiN and you are one of the many people that make this place so enjoyable and respectable!

    And Superjoint thanks for always allowing us free "reign" on our speech, but stepping up to the plate when things don't seem right. You're a great father to grasscity :)

    This is why I stick on this place so much ~ I tried Yahooka, but it's like going to fat free frozen yogurt after your favorite Ben & Jerry's.. It still is OK, ehhh... But it just lacks that quality, that substance, that HAPPINESS that is there with the B & J's.
    Instead of being chock full of flavor, we're chock full of incredible people I am so glad to have met even if only on the 'net.
  6. I love this site...any info I have and any info anyone else has that I know about gets answered by you all...I'm also glad that there are no arguments...well like I said..great site..and I try to answer as many questions possible....oh..I just patted myself on the

    peace and smoke on...
  7. GO BLADES!!! I think we have just the right melting pot.
  8. High all!!!!!!! I have been on yahooka since Jan of this year. Thanks ganjaphish for leading me here. I love these message boards. I feel like my brain has been having organisms since Jan. I love to smoke weed!!!! It's my passion. I also want success, happiness, peace in my life, etc., etc., etc. I truly want it ALL!!!!! If everything that I just read is true, then I'm close to heaven. I truly love time well spent communicating.

    Can't wait to get to know you all better!!!!!!

  9. livingrace welcome :) i hope you fall in <3 with this place like i did & stick around for awhile :D
    i must say i have never "known" a better bunch of stoners !!
  10. LOL Had to do that to ya.

    I love the personalities on the board. It's really refreshing to come on in and just shoot the shit.

    Plus you can become educated on the aspects of growing. :D

    We all seem to act respectfully and it's marvelous.

    Wouldn't give it up. (Well, as long as I can keep my computer that is)

    Rock on y'all!
  11. one day in a us history class a while ago someone commented on the way that the us had kicked the indians off the land and the teacher said something like "well what do u think happened, and dont say we all listened to music and got along" and i said something like "but that always works for me" the next thing i heard was "typical pothead response" from the person in front of me that i had known for about 10 years, when that happened it made me think and i realized that pot smokers for the most part are the most understanding and chill people who only really want to get along, i had always wanted to get along with people but as u all know the world isnt like that. So i just wanted to say that this is definitely the only web site that i have ever seen responses to something posted actually have anything to do with the web site. Maybe if the whole world would just chill and get high then we all could get along and a lot of people would gain respect and apriciation for things that they didnt understand or care to understand before. You are definitely right in your words.
  12. i notice that most weeders are laid back lets get along people.... i was comparing all the people i know and im prob the most......apt to voilence when high...not that i would kill someone, but i would get high and want to box...or summin.....but no one else would :( ill play basket ball or summin.....yea...words....
  13. This is definitely true -- I've been lurking around several boards lately looking for a place to read and post...this one is very welcoming and genuine, at least it seems so to me.

  14. I GOT IT!!! LET'S BREAK INTO A LOAD OF WORLD LEADERS HOUSES AND LET OFF GANJ GRENADES THAT FILL THE ROOM WITH THE SMOKE OF THE GOOD HERB AND THE RESULT.... WORLD PEACE... OH BUT HOW ARE WE GONNA DO THAT??? HMMM... Seriously tho i do think that if the rest of the world smoked pot then we would all get a long a lot better.

  15. Enome, do you have it right. It so amazes me this stuff is illegal. We would be so much better off. The world would be better off. It is so much better than alcohol. Yet...THAT'S LEGAL????????????????? I say if we could straighten that out we would be one step closer to world peace!!!!!

    I also have to reiterate. This place is the best. The people here are stupendous.

    I LOVE YA'ALL!!!!

  16. Viva La Grasscity!

    Everything has pretty much been said. But you guys are great, the place is great and even for some oblivious question someone will go through the effort of finding some info. Thanks people =)

  17. yeah, i feel marijuana should be legalized too, but drugs are like cars, or fire...if they are used correctly they are VERY beneficial, but if abused(as someone always will) then they are EXTREMELY dangerous or bad for your health.

    (SHEESH, look at me, in the same thread where i was saying how i enjoyed the fact that people stuck to the subject etc......oh well, we'll let it branch off to another subject just this once i guess)
  18. hip hip hooray bong hits for every one
  19. GRASSCITY FUCKIN' RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been here only a few days and have found so much information and help that it's unbelievable. I love to sit for hours now and read all that you peeps have to say. I especially love the attitude here as it's been metioned everyone here is kind and thoughtful and as far as I'm concerned the best damn people I've ever known. Peace and LOVE.

    P.S. being a newbie I have one question who and/or what are the BLADES. I'm assuming it's a tight gropu of friends here, but was also wondering if it is some kind of club. I too want to join. I love being in the elite group. I love to belong.

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