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maybe is time to put the gbong away

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by inrockitrust, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. i've been living with my 2.5 littler bottle for three years, taking probably 6-10 hits a day everyday. (the full 2.5 littl bottle, 1 hit and you are rocketlunched to the sun ), The thing is, i dont't smoke cigarrettes and i've been feeling how my lung capacity it's going down hill. I'm breathing heavier, and quicker than before.

    Maybe is time for less smoke? a 20oz bottle?

    does anyone of you guys ( and girls) notice any problem with your breathing?

    (sorry for the spelling, i'm from the DR)
  2. dude just get a glass bong or pipe its healther.
  3. No joke man, don't ya think it's about time to head to the headshop and upgrade? Smoking shouldn't decrease your lung capacity that much to the point where you can seriously notice it. Not to mention if you using a bottle (in the case your not using it as a waterfall bong) then you are probably using Tinfoil for the bowl, which will fuck your head up.
  4. get a nice sized bubbler

  5. what is it that you're using for the bowl? if you're using anything other than glass, i would recommend a switch...
  6. Nice glass piece will do you good.

    Either than or a vape.
  7. gbongs tear some of my friends lungs up. not mine so much. but yeah im with these guys, go get yourself some glass. a bong if you still want some mega-rips.
  8. i live in the dominican republic, i can't buy any bong or glass piece just for the fact that no one sells them. For the burner i'm using a 14" (allen key head, don't know if that how you call it in the states) and come on, some credit please, this is the seasoned tokers, foil dude? really?
  9. get glass.

    How is a plastic bottle bad for you aswel?
    I know cans arn't good cus you can burn some of the paint off.

  10. Smoking out of plastic, smoking out of aluminum, smoking out of a rusty lugnut :smoking: thats been in the garage the last 8 years and smells like urine and gunpowder, these are bad ideas.

    Get a glass piece.
  11. Yeah i'd get a glass bong, you'll thank yourself after.
  12. Well you could make your own bong. Easier on the lungs compared to a GB.
  13. buy a ssv or da buddha vaporizer saves you money on weed and saves your lungs
  14. Yeah man get a vaporizer! I get high every single day and since I purchased a volcano, my lung capacity has got way up and I cough far less. The high is fantastic, and if you dont want to drop 500 buck, you can always get the new American made ones that use bags just like the volcano. Good luck and good health!:smoke:
  15. Guys, you're not acknowledging that this guy HAS NO ACCESS to glass or vapes.

    Dude, I'd make a homemade bong out of a glass bottle (Coke bottle, tequila bottle, anything big enough) by drilling a hole in the side with a power drill, sliding a short downstem/bowl in, and by padding the joint with some duct tape. The downstem can just be a thin metal pipe, but at least make sure that if your bowl is metal, that it is ABSOLUTELY clean, all the time. Many metals, especially the ones made into cheap hardware, rust or otherwise degrade very easy, i.e. with the application of high heat.
  16. A knife hit would be a cleaner hit than smoking out of a metal bowl.
  17. buy a vape over the internet. or at least make one yourself
  18. While at college I hit a Grav bong 5 to 10 times a day for a year and a half straight and it definitely did a number on my lungs. After that little trip down high as hell lane, I switched over to a hands free Vapor Brothers vaporizer and smoked off that thing straight for 6 months, and I noticed a huge difference.

    For me, vaporizing is by the far the healthiest way (besides eating) to get THC into the system. It is also nice to save the vaped nug and use it to bake goodies with. I for one love the fact that I can get high off the same pot a few times.
  19. You still get high off of pre-vaped nugs? That sounds like your vape isn't doing it's job very well.... I had a decent one a while back that left a useless nug with no THC at all. Are you setting it at the correct temperature?

    And after checking into the 'smoking from aluminum' issue a few times:yummy:- according to doctors and the Alzheimer's society website, there is still no actual conclusive evidence that aluminum causes alzheimer's disease. In fact, they all state that the evidence is beginning to point further from that all the time. I personally hate the taste, and do my best to not smoke out of aluminum- unless it's an emergency pipe build with NO other options. As far as soda cans are concerned though, the inside is coated with chemicals (Ecodex-4020/epoxy-phenolic lacquer) that help keep the soda's acids from eating the aluminum can away, and those coatings I'm sure are harmful if burned. Just a little FYI there.:D
  20. ***homer simpson voice*** "mmmMMMMmmmMmmmmm Rocketlunch"

    sounds like one >>>>>BOMB<<<<< sandwich!!!!!

    anyone anyone?!?!?!??!!?!? aaaaaaahhhh,,,,,...........((losers)):smoke:

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