Maybe Im just crazy.........

Discussion in 'General' started by joshy, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. But does it seem that every way to smoke weed is a waste of weed?

    Example: John Q. Bonghitter tells Jimmy Joint that a bong is the best way to smoke weed, and a joint is a waste of weed, while Jimmy Joint tells John Q. Bonghitter that a bong is a waste of weed and joints are the best to smoke. Then Pete Pipes runs into the conversation and so on and so on and so on.

    Maybe Im just crazy or its the whole world I dunno, but anyways does anyone else notice this?
  2. one hitters are the only efficient method..
  3. Smoking is a waste of weed. Eatting is the best way to get more for your buck!

    I enjoy smoking though!
  4. really? u eat your weed?
  5. LMAO!!!!
    I can't believe you did that Bud Head! That cracks me up!!!!

    I so know what Joshy means and you did it!!! HAHAHA

    Of course, I could be reading more into it but that's ok cause I got a good laugh!!!!!!
  6. John Q. Bonghitter? jimmy joint? pete pipes? where do you meat these people? that must've been one craaaaaazy party.
  7. i wanna party with these dudes too!

    eating weed is the best, but i smoke all the time because the body high can be too intense sometimes, and i don't want to be flat-on-my-ass stoned ALL the time. :D

  8. Yea it was a wild party, man those mofos can throw down, I mean Pete got up on the table and started dancing with flamingos...... wait a damned minute... I don't remember a party with them. O'well it would have been cool :D

  9. YES How else can you satisfy your munchies and at the same time get high? I love eating my weed!

    RMJL what the hell is so funny? You wasn't laughing when i was eating your weed. Or was that bush? Oh what the hell!

    Now tell me this..................Don't you like to eat the weed?
  10. I know this is off topic but do you think if I added only like a gram between 2 cookies... i'd get pretty fucked up?

  11. Heres the recipie for smores, I think about a gram will do ya, I dunno I have'nt experimented with eating yet (Until X-Mas then Im baking brownies :D) But all the websites say a gram is fine.

    Take a graham cracker, use either chocolate or Nutella (a chocolate hazelnut spread), make a layer on graham cracker.
    Place about 1 gram of cheap herb on chocolate.
    Place marshmallow on herb.
    Place second graham cracker on top.
    Toast for 5-15 minutes or Microwave for 30-90 seconds (depends on microwave)
  12. i want a bag of roll up..and smoke...for fun...and getting high.......i love the way it smells...I HAVE FORGOTTEN AFTER A DAY, WHAT IT IS LIKE, TO BE HIGH!

  13. Wow..I think my mind stretches out too far sometimes...but I still stand by my finding hysterical funniness in all of that up there.

    I like to eat the weed....there...I admitted it. But I'm not saying one way is better then another cause I'll fall into the trap. I don't want to be in the trap...just in the tent...eating biskits...and weed! The s'more thing sounds good for us. Let's do it. NOW!
  14. by "do it" you mean.............?
  15. I mean do it!
  16. ok ok ok almsot like pinapple, but I like to eat my cheeb. SO.. were talking about doin it right in this here norms tent. and I think., HE is up for a good ol time...a few chicas..a few buds...a few pipes, blunts, joints, bongs, a few smoreees, a few brownies...


    NORM, where is the tent.
  17. Yeah...where the fuck is it?
  18. its in the bag...but can set it up in under 5 minutes

    10 stoned....

    15 asleep.
  19. messed me up there...i got lost

    I thought we were IN the tent.......I just wanted to know where we and the tent were.

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