Maybe im a lucky guy?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BlazinBlunts420, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. So this was about 2 months ago, but im bored so figured id share

    Me and 4 friends are packed into this car we just finished smoking a quater between us and i still had a quarter left on me

    We decided since we were all hungry as hell to go get something to eat so we went to a pizza place by us

    on the way back my friend driving ran a stop sign and sure enough *woop* *woop* guess whos on our ass

    emidetly we roll down all windows to air out then the cop walks up and goes through the usuall bs "you know why i stopped you" etc...

    after that he asks us if we've been smoking everyone gets dead silent except me i couldnt help but laugh a bit

    next thing i know the cop is asking if theres anything in the car he should know about, my friend looks and me and goes "dude....give him it" in my head i was thinking you jackass thanks for ratting me out

    so i reach in my pocket, and guess what... ITS NOT THERE WTF the cop says "ill give you 30 seconds to give me that bag before i call out k9 and arrest you so eventually i found it (was under the seat) and give it to him

    he then says your lucky this is my 2nd day on the job or i wouldnt b so nice... and just walks away no ticket or nothing just leaves with my weed
  2. I would have not talked and rolled the the windows almost all the way just enough to give him my license and then not talked and said are we free to go.

  3. not all cops follow the rules dude, that would piss em off and theyd try to bust you even harder
  4. lmao!! that cop just came up and is about to have some fatty blunts
  5. Or maybe hes(the cop) the lucky guy?
    he just came up on your weed man!!!
    think about it, NO Ticket, No paperwork, NO evidence of a stop!!!
    but he got away with your goods
    So he got a free 1/4 out of it
  6. dude if you refuse a search and dont admit theres nothing they can do
  7. thats what i was thinking lol

    doesnt the Mr. George Bush's Patriot Act let them search anyways? or is that something else?
  8. Considering that woop-wooper walked off with your quarter to go share with his buddies at the local Dunkin Donuts, I'd say he's the lucky one. And smack your friend for just flat out ratting on you like that. I think it's important to have a sesh and talk with your homies to know exactly what everyone will do if a cop comes up, plans are good you know!
  9. ^^Nuff said

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