Maybe I should stop drinking coffee?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Feb 13, 2001.


    web of a spider on LSD

    web of a spider on mescaline


    web of spider on marijuana


    web of a spider on caffeine


    A Clean boring Spider :)



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  2. That's awesome. It's funny how the one where the spider is on acid is coolest looking one. But the one where the spider was on mescaline is not too good. The stoner spider looks like a typical half-assed stoner job. :) The caffine one is just spooky. Maybe I'll start drinking more Sprite.
  3. its funny how the spider on the only legal drug does the most fucked up job, but all the illegal ones dont look that bad.

    who's idea was it to give spiders drugs? hehe... ive seen that website its really cool
  4. then need to get a drunk spider, what would its web look like? elephants?
  5. Good idea. I didn't see any webs from drunk spiders.

    Interesting effect from the caffiene. I wonder what caused that to happen
  6. i wonder how long it took each of them to buld there webs.
  7. The spider should spare the life of his next fly and share a doobie with it.
  8. High [​IMG]

    What I would like to know is ..What was the person giving the test on??..I'll bet his brain looks like 1 of those webs..LOL [​IMG]
  9. Coffeee!!!!!! everyone should try an Neuro-shocker at some time, it's liek this:put coffee powder three times the amount of water for example: water to make 4 cups, coffee powder to make 12 cups. it's like a cheap speed trip.
  10. that is so cool. man caffiene really messes you up. i am gonna stop drinking coke
  11. Wow. Old thread!
  12. Oldie But a goodie =-)


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