maybe i jumped the gun

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by tony gonzalez, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. ok i admit i jumped the gun im sorry if i offended the good people who are her e .there was alot who agreed with how i feel and let me know this place can help me big time.i just snapped that day after some fools smart ass comment to someone trying to help thanks for the responses and pms. its funny all my pms were from europians who agreed with me and thought i was from scotland or england they also said the good peeps outweigh the the bad ones again im sorry i know i should have chosen my words better as not to offend the innocent .i do not wish to be banned :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  2. 14 posts and 3 red bars of rep. i cant say it, but i think you shuld be able to figure out what to do.
  3. well i dont know how things work around here red bars and all so i take it a few of those and you are booted out or somthin .im sure those came from the type of peeps im talkin bout ,maybe not . im sure the people in charge here agree w/me, (not the"this site sucks"part) i think at least.i just vented the wrong way:(:(
  4. You know I've never actually seen a member who had more than ONE BAR of negative rep that wasn't banned... and he's up to three... holy shit
  5. Lol.

    I dont even know what you did,but by the red rep it looks like you did something wrong.
  6. You should do one of two things:

    Make a new username and start over with a clean slate. Hell, you only have 15 posts, it's not like you're losing a legacy here.


    Keep this one, and do the best damn job of positively contributing to this site. Eventually, you will be in the green zone and you will feel self-actualized :D this is what warrented the -rep....but if he is taking it back, I don't really see any reason to ban.
  7. sometimes i wonder if i had a full bar of red rep how awesome that would be

    but you fuckers keep giving me +. . . dammit
  8. well u basically went on a rant about how this site is full of assholes. obviously there are some i mean this is the same as the real world in many ways we have all types of people on here but your original post was pretty uncalled for bro
  9. yeah true but im in a ocean fishing forum and also another local california one and and there is none of that crap going on whatsoever and i was here 1 day and see it like 10 times
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