Maybe Fungus i think all my plants are screwed

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  1. ok ive had to hide my plant very carefully lately and downsize my grow area insanely
    i use basic miracle grow potting soil in plant pots
    i keep them under my bath room sink (i no bad idea) with 2 buckets of rock salt to decrease humidity
    i use a mixture of sugar water and 10-15-10 generic indoor concentrated plant food
    the strain i have no clue
    lighting i use 1 60watt growing light with reflectors (ie:tin foil covered paper plates)
    the space is 22by 24 by 26 the light has been efficient for now i have 5 plants
    any who last night or this morning actually i've found long clear/white hairs coming out of the soil
    i wish i could post pictures will try to find similar ones on the net as i do not have a camera
    basically would this be contagious or even a problem at all ive only found it in one pot any help would be helpful thx
  2. Update:
    i could not find any picture because i do not know what im looking for i tried to use ms paint as best i could hope this helps
  3. lemme think sugar water and heat thats mold like white hairs growing on food MOLD the light u have will do nothing special 4 u just being honest

    Water only when dry - Houseplant mold normally happens when a plant is kept continually moist. This condition happens when you either over water or water on a schedule instead of by touch. Always check that the top of the soil is dry before you water your plants.

    Add more light - More light is an excellent way to do mold control on indoor plants. Make sure your houseplant get plenty of sunlight and that the sunlight falls on the soil.

    Add a fan - Mold in the soil will stop happening if you make sure that there is good air circulation around the plant. A simple oscillating fan set on low will help with this.

    ive hurd of sugar water and molasses used in water during late flowering to boost glucose but never on veg. i would switch soil to be on safe side to be hunnnndo precent sure u dont have mold left and i wouldnt grow in the same room i take a dump in just dont seem right
  4. if ur strapped for cash and just wanna do a little grow go to homedepot and buy 2 to 4 300 watt cfls cool - soft white for flowering switch to warm white

    growing with 2 soft whites 2 warm whites would be str8 for veg get an equal light spec.
  5. Just get DayLight 6500k CFLs at HD instead of dicking with all those other types of light. Also your plant is bound to be small as all hell with only 1 CFL. Mine stayed small with 3 CFLs (150w). Toss the girl outside if its too sketch to grow inside...and im guessing either room mates or parents is the cause of the down sizing, so Id say scrap the plant, or get it outside where you wont be as likely to be caught.
  6. ur yeild will be far far greater outdoors rather then under cfls ur gunna get bigger buds outside the cfls are gunna be spindly rather then dense
  7. yea thx for the help i scrapped the 1 with the "mold"
    will take note on the watering only when dry
    the downsizing is due to recently moving into an apartment with a lot of neighbors
    i don't expect the plants to yield much or be extremely potent or anymore than 1.5 ft max
    i do this for pretty much a hobby keeps my mind off of problems lately
    also I've only heard about the sugar-water technique had no idea it was only for flowering
    should i stop this, and continue in flowering ?
    molasses would that be better than sugar i thought it was a by product of sugar
    i need a small fan as for lighting the space is basically a 2-3 ft cubed area though i should upgrade to a 100w or 120w
    I've checked the soil for any other microorganisms but still re potted in new containers and soil i replaced in them in the same area but only after changing the paper on the wall and floor and cleaning the area with bleach
    besides all of that is this "mold" contagious
    would the other plants / soil be already infected or is this something that is caused by specific conditions
    as for humidity should i some how distribute the rock salt differently to keep humidity lower or will this cause more problems than it helps

    Edit: this is not my first time growing indoors even though i still feel uncomfortable doing so
    i believe everything should be free to do as it would in the wild
  8. To be honest, that´s all a bit of a recipe for disaster.
  9. my buddy in tucson used to germ in the batroom he didnt use under the sink

    dont get daylight like the dude said u want to go to homedepot and get 2 three hundred watt soft or cool white cfls- that will light the under side of ur sink like a jacolantern fuck that rocksalt toss that just have a fan and keep a door to under ur sink cracked so new air can cum in and old can move out

  10. I have never had spindly buds with CFL's. Always dense nuggage with nice prolific budding. However, outdoors will produce bigger plants and therefore bigger buds but less variables can be controlled such as bugs, nutes, water etc. You have to put forth way more effort.
  11. i agree bigger plants bigger buds but less controllable conditions and a whole hell of alot more noticeable to the neighbors
    tho its wat i would prefer

    yes i no this but its wat i've got to work with

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