Maybe all dogs aren't colorblind?

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  1. I just had this theory that since some humans are colorblind, maybe it's just a ratio across different species of animals and humans happen to have a much higher ratio of those that can see in color versus those that cannot.

    I'm thinking that a certain breed of dog or a certain percentage can see in color while others cannot.

    This could be universal across most species of animals that use an occular system similar to that of humans.

    What do you think?

    After a quick google search there were some tests done to prove that some dogs could see in blue or green colortones as well as black and white, well that leaves the question of whether or not they can see in an entirely full color spectrum or if dogs can see light in the same way that humans do.
  2. My dog definitely prefers toys of certain colors over other colors, I don't know if they can just tell the different colors by their shades somehow though..

    I don't know where I stand on this, it seems sometimes that they must be able to see color.
  3. It's possible... being colorblind doesn't just mean you see in black/white, but includes not being able to differentiate between certain colors like green/blue, orange/purple, etc.
  4. I don't know, I think in order for scientists to come to that general conclusion (that dogs are colorblind) they'd have to do extensive research on the subject first. So I'm thinking they probably tested a wide range of dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages etc. before making the generalization that dogs are colorblind. But I don't know all that much about the subject, so I could be wrong.
  5. I doubt any dogs can see color like people do, but it's definitely possible some can see shades of colors other than just black and white.
  6. dogs do see colors bro. the rumor that they are color blind is old. new studies found that dogs have 2 color receptors in there eyes. however, dogs cant see red, orange, green, greenish blue, gray and different shades of purple.

    source : Can Dogs see Colors?
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    For the visual learners out there, here is the dog's range of color vision compared to a human's:


    When it comes to vision clarity, most human vision is 20/20 -- a dog's is between 20/50 & 20/100.

  8. It's crazy that there are colors that we just can't see either. Like try and imagine a new color, it's impossible. But they exist, we just can't perceive them
  9. Pics or it didnt happen...:p
  10. They're not color blind,
    they just see faint colors.
  11. That just blew my fucking mind:smoking::eek::smoking:
  12. maybe if we let dogs start shopping at supermarkets they'll all be able to see in color
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    This. I have never heard of anyone who saw black and white, although I have heard that it's possible. But very, very rare.


    Left=human vision, right=dog vision (in case you haven't figured that out ;))
    Their vision seems pretty acceptable to me..
  14. Those first 2 dog vision pics are trippy as hell.
  15. My girlfriend has better vision then me. So I guess not all dogs are colorblind.

  16. Forril haha... Maybe im just high but this whole thread is geekin me out
  17. True. An old friend of mine, he always said his favorite color was Yellow.

    One day I asked him. I mean this is a hard rocker, a stoner, and a hot rod guy, why yellow.

    Yellow is the only color he could see.

    It is possible, to harm your eyes in such a way, that we dont perseve the color to some things.
  18. well this thread is kick ass.

    and what the people posteed with dogs vision compared to ours is true from what ive seen on my part with my dog

    my good old boy couldnt see, what was to me a shining orange ball right in the middle of my backyard, when we were playing catch. he was sniffing everywhere but no luck
  19. Those dog vision pictures reminded me of this book I had to read in elementary school. Was about a utopian society that killed off the old when they reached a certain age, didn't allow anyone to leave, assigned jobs in a Fallout 3 manner(Testing determines lifetime job.), and all the people except the "historians" could only see black and white. Very weird book that was, in my opinion, designed to be a comparsion to communism so we were pre-disposed to the idea when taught at a later age.

    Anywho... I know from personal experience that deer are definatly colour blind and turkeys definatly are not. Also on a side note, turkeys are smarter then most humans I meet on a daily basis. They send scouts ahead like military units, they communicate, and they are really fast.

  20. lol you talked about the book but didnt once post the name hehe. u forget?
    cause i think i read the same one. it was in like grd 8 or maybe 9. err was ie like outsiders, no i dont think so.
    re reading your post i know ive read it. the main characters try to escape? 6 toes? ya? trippy book

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