Maybe a viable solution to stealth/micro growers

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    As I am about to embark on my little experiment, I went to Walmart today to look around and start collecting the stuff I need and I ran across these 2 items which I think would be rather good and cheap and easy to locate for future micro/stealth growers. ClosetMaid 8515 Two-Door Storage Organizer, White: Kitchen & Dining

    The depth for the ClosetMaid is 12", so it might be a little tight for a 3 gallon flower pot and at my Walmart, it was $27.97 in the store. Sterilite 2-Shelf Storage Cabinet: Storage & Organization

    The Sterilite is 19" deep, so there is more space, cost is $39.00, but I think it would be weird if you have a plastic cabinet in your room, that's the only downside.
  2. Who do you have to worry about seeing it?

    Id say go for the second one.. Looks easier to light proof it.
  3. Well, it's more like it looks out of place, cause you don't usually see plastic cabinets indoors.
  4. the best cabinet ive found was at target.

    it was around 50$.

    its in my grow its about 5.5ft tall.

    but the problem is you want some width.

    and mines just over a foot wide and 3 feet long.

    so its hard to find a light that fits in.

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