Maybe a stupid question but... regrow?

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  1. Hi gang,
    This isn't my first grow, but in the past I usually did the usual flush at the end, harvest, and dispose of the plants. Is it possible ad practical to revive the plants for another crop?
  2. Yup. It sure is. Just leave some of the popcorn at the bottom of the stalk, transplant into some new soil, go back to some veg nutrients, and re-veg until ready to flip. They go through a stage of crazy leaf growth but get back into the usual looks. Many times they do better then the first time around.
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    Yep but cannabis is an annual plant, its purpose is to grow a season,.reproduce and die. My luck would be i would have a hermie if i tried it
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  4. Thanks for the replies. Maybe I should have mentioned I'm running DWC/Drip hydro
  5. I’ve done that once or twice but the plants a pain in the ass to keep pruned! It’s almost like monster cropping cause she’ll grow into a thick round bush.

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  6. thnx dead head. looks like Charlie Browns's Christmas tree LOL

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