Maya calendar end date is this October 28, 2011?

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    Revising the Mayan End Date
    (from Dec 21st 2012 to Oct.28, 2011)

    I have here a film where Ian Xel Lungold discusses the Mayan calendar new end date, ascension, and consciousness.

    [ame=""]Google Video: The Mayan Calendar Comes North 01 - Ian Xel Lungold[/ame]

    And a site all about the Maya Calendar;

    Wikipedia Maya Calendar:

    Calendar Round

    Origin of the Tzolk'in


    Mayan references to b'ak'tun 13

    Tortuguero (Maya site)

  2. Harold Camping will be happy to hear that he's only a week off! :smoking:
  3. Yeah that's kinda freaky, but he predicts end of days for everyone, right? Here we have the end of shitty times and hello good times.
  4. So once nothing happens then will they move it back to 2012?

  5. That or one of the few remaining "Doomsday" appointments that we have left. Act fast though they are filling up. :cool: :smoke:
  6. What a let down this all will be in if nothing happens by 2012 :laughing:
  7. Mayan calendar end date is this October 28, 2011?

    Good, I hate long waits.
  8. its coming right up. makes plans to reach high ground.

    has anyone seen the movie 2012 lately?

    everything that happened in that movie is happening now. but theres alot of signs in the movie that point to it actually meaning 2011. and if you go with that then you wanna know when in 2011 that will happen..right?

    well no where in the movie do they discuss any dates, so you cant tell what month the movie is taking place... execpt for one hard to see spot. its a scene where one of the characters is on a cordless house phone, and you see the screen for a split second, pause it, and the date is august or october i forget. and the time was 11:11, which is when the dec 21 2012 prediction time is supposed to be. 11:11 am.

    anyways. theres alot of clues in the movie that point to it being 2011. and if you watch the beginning introduction, its 5 minutes of the sun burning and exploding.. which we find out, that the sun is doing strange things on earth, and heating water and rock. like microwaves.

    take a refresher on the 2012 movie if you have the dvd. it will rock you.
  9. Yeah it's not gonna be the end of the world. The calendar ends and a new one begins on the same day, so saying the world is gonna end when the calendar ends is like saying the world will end ever December 31-January 1.
  10. I thought the Mayan calendar is a there really an end to a circle?
  11. 2012 was a terrible fucking movie
  12. Who gives a fuck. Nothings gonna happen either way
  13. Way to piss on my Armageddon dude.
  14. Are you trying to say that 2012 isnt 2012.

    The fuck
  15. Interesting, lets hope this date is right. I'm ready for this world to end.
  16. lol the movie 2012? are you serious?
  17. watch it.. just watch it..

    the whole movie is clues.

    the protests at the G20 summit, a woman is holding a sign that says 2012 on it, but theres a line through the last 2, make it look like 2011. theres also people in the movie saying, "I didnt think this woul happen so soon"

    also why do you think all these celebrities are going to India lately? oprah, gates etc

    in the movie its because the deepest mine ever dug is there. this is a hint to the importance of being underground. then it explains the sun is flaring, and sending off dangerous particles.... thats EXACTLY what is happening now.

  18. Can I have what you are having??.... you are basing shit off a god damn movie, I hope that was sarcasm
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    The amount of fail surrounding this pseudoscience of predicting the real date of the predicted end of the world is almost worse than the fail of not taking into account the obvious factor of the leap year when calculating the original date.

    The original 2012 people deserve the know-bell piece pries for sure.

  20. talk about FAIL

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