May the 4th Be With You – A Special Vault Promo

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  1. [​IMG]
    A new Vault promo with vouchers for some great seeds is up for grabs. Read more and learn how to enter just visit our blog here.
    Yes, its a FB promo.  We will be back very soon with a promo for GrassCity members only soon [​IMG]

  2. Nice post George! Bang on 420 :D
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    sweet, and well spotted [​IMG]
  4. Thanks man, awesome comp! Never heard of them auto seed before.
  5. Have to say, all those strains are foreign to me, definitely interesting names
  6. Nice comp reading the blog always gives me a good laugh :)
  7. Just recently done a skywalker its an amzaing plant
  8. Hope the pic uploads too :)
    It didnt ill have to do it later
  9. Happy Intergalactic Star Wars Day!
  10. Winners announced on our FB Page

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