May start an indoor grow? QUESTIONS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dankydank182, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Hey everyone :smoke: So i'm tired of getting low to high mids everytime i buy weed, and i think it's time to start producing my own dank through micro-growing. :rolleyes: Anyway, i don't think it's IMPOSSIBLE in my household, buy here's my situation. I live in a medium sized home, one floor, very big. I only live with my mom, and little sister at the moment. Anyway, if i were even to consider growing, i'd need to do a stealth-grow of some sort, BUT i wouldn't know where to grow D: Outdoors isn't an option, seeing i live in the middle of arizona, where it barley ever rains, and we only have sand and dirt. :p My room is an ok size, not a huge room, only the room itself, and a small closet. I have a bathroom right outside my door in the other room, and a guest room.. my moms room is ALL THE WAY on the other side of the room, which i may add, makes it perfect for me to blaze up right in my room :bongin: :D Anyway, i probably could get the right materals and such, . someone help please? :confused:
  2. edit this post. take out mom and sister or everyone will tell you to now grow and call you an idiot.. as far as growing in youre room. the fans make alot of noise that will stir up suspicion. also if youre renting and you get caught youre familys in jeopardy. i know you dont care but theres alot to think about. i dont see you growing anytime soon
  3. people will tell you not to grow for good reason... even if your mom doesnt find the plants themselves she will definitely notice the dramatic raise of the electrical bill. If your sick of only buying mids then step up your game and find some dank
  4. OK so I've quoted the whole original post unedited, so even if the first post is edited it is preserved here...

    A basic principle of growing is that you should not grow in a home where others are living unless they know about it and give explicit consent. Growing under your mom's roof is disrespectful, you will not get away with it, and you potentially put your mom at risk of losing her house.

    Not cool at all. I don't think you should tell people how to edit their posts to avoid being noticed behaving badly. Invariably someone who wants to grow in their parents' home doesn't realize how bad of an idea that is, so they need to hear that rather than instructions on how to dupe the GC membership into giving someone advice that we normally would not want to give.

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