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May not be super healthy .. but hey it gets u fckd up..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by boredjim8, May 17, 2006.

  1. Get a newspaper bag (imo they work BEST cause of shape and size..) there the bags that are abot 1.5 feet tall and about half foot wide rectangle.. after u take a bong rip hold in for w/e u want (not forever) breath in and out of bag 2 or 4 times and exhale and breath normal.. (instead of just blowin smoke into air, blow in bag if ur confused heh)..

    havent done this in about 5 months or so but when i used to i would get HELLA fucked up! (again i kno .. not healthy breathing in smoke with minimum thc but if ur low on nug it is handy dandy to kno!
  2. yesss! ive done this many-a-times haha
  3. I used to use a baloon to do this. When you use a baloon it shoots it right back into your lungs. It can be tough to blow it in the baloon sometimes, but it works great.
  4. yep balloon for me too, but i got paper bags so ill try that sometime heh
  5. i tried em all but i like the bags cause there ez and not loud =D
  6. That sounds really dank
  7. i'll have to try that one day
  8. the only time i have done the breathing in and out of things, is with nitrous charges. But i have filled up a garbage bag with smoke sometimes, and then put my head in it and just sat there for awhile, haha, it was pretty cool just being ingulfed in smoke lol
  9. lmfao, i NEED to try the garbage bag trick...
  10. Just be careful and don't pass out. It'd kinda suck to die just trying to get higher.
    If you start to feel your fingers tingling take a breath of fresh air.
  11. haha yeah guys remember you still need oxygen after a while ^
  12. ha, thats a good gonna try that. Like a shottie for smoking alone :smoke:
  13. and if u can find the intelengenzer bags (most plastic bags do it too but they work best) u can light it from the open end (where ud insert something) corner and it would drip melting plastic its the COOLEST sound ever its like ZIP zIZP ZIP ZOOP ZIP (always did after rippin bongs and was high)

    try it!
  14. i posted a long time another good way to do this blow a balloon all the way up blow the smoke in the balloon and then breath in all the smoke it gets you pretty high

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