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  1. I germinated my seeds in the paper towel method. Weeks before I spent hours reading guides on how to grow outside. I got the soil. I got the seeds. I planted the germinated seedlings outside in a forest area. Reached the realization that I may have planted too shallow. One of the seeds was poking out of the ground so I threw dirt over it. Its been two days since I planted and I've watered once. Can I just add a little dirt over the rest and get away with it or has it been too long and all seedlings are dead by now?

  2. It depends on how much dirt you put over it? It's going to be screeching for light! If the ground was dry you should of saturated the ground 1st. Before putting a seed in there. But you'll be okay Patients it's hard at first then you'll get use to it
    Good luck

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  3. You don't have to start them out very deep. Put about 1/4" to 1/2" of dirt on it and press it down lightly with your shoe or hand just to compact the seed and the dirt. If the soil is moist and good, leave it alone and it'll do it's thing. These are WEEDS!!! They like nowhere better on earth than to be in really good soil in the sun and you've not hurt the seed at all as long as it hasn't bee lying uncovered for a really long time. Even then, they'll try to attach to something and get roots to earth because they're tough as nails. LOL In my opinion, and I know we've all got one, growing outside like that is much easier and less fussy than the indoor stuff. I mean, you can't beat the fact that you can raise large quantities on a regular basis 12 months a year, but it's work..don't ever let anybody fool you. LOL But work that pays off well I might add. LOL Good luck! TWW
  4. IDK man, hard to tell how much dirt you put over them.

    Sprout them with a cup and a lightbulb.... then plant them.
  5. Alright, thanks for the replies. I don't think it worked out but it was because of something else
  6. I started mine about a half a finger down into my 5 gal pot and they stretched up 2 days after I threw my light on them.

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