May have over watered?

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  1. See above. The darker image is the newest. I pulled the coco coir out and re potted the plant. might slow her down but if she cant breath thats worse. Leaves are think with water. The first single leaves are turning yellow. Not to worried still healthy just not growing at a normal might let my other plant catch up its about 2 weeks younger 20190606_165616.jpg 20190606_165629_HDR.jpg 20190608_020637.jpg

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  2. This is a very sad looking mairijuana business and industry.
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  3. No perlite to help with drainage either. Do u plan to repot again? I’d look at how to make your grow space warmer for 1-2 days to help evaporate some of the water in that pot.
  4. Def heat them up poke holes in containers and put fan on soil surface.
  5. Wrong section.
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  6. Never did figure out ehy she stopped so sudden heres the other gg4 i started right after in black magic coco coir mix. Big chunks of perlite. Only using half veg nutes at the moment beause no idea whats in this mix % wise. Not as compact as i thought for a hybrid strain. Really just need to grow a pure indica. 20190701_020535.jpg View attachment 2639422

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