may have bought the wrong cfl's help please

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by THE DANIMAL, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. ok i just bought 3 42 watt = 150 watt equivelent CFL bulbs for my 1 plant grow only thing is they are 2700 lumen can i use these for flower and veg or do i have to buy 3 different one's? please get at me thanks and PEACE
  2. I think you mean 2700k not lumen right? 2700k is the yellow white color. If this is what you have these would be best during flowering and 6500k would be good during vegetation, but you should probably do a mix, like 3 6500k 1 2700k for veg and visa versa for flowering.
  3. yeah sorry i meant k not lumen im a noob lol. so can i use these im just doing a bagseed miracle grow ghetto setup ti get some experiance and knowledge but would still like a decent yield what do u think?
  4. The 2700k will work through the whole grow, but the plants won't veg as well as they would if you did that under 6500k.

    FYI, 2700k is in the red part of the spectrum not yellow-white, but the point is taken. (Technically there is no such thing as white light, that is what we see when we look at full-spectrum light, but run that "white" light through a prism and it shows you that it really comprises various colors of light).
  5. Yeah but I felt like yellow white was more accurate description of how the bulb actually glows when turned on, figuring that the OP would pick up on what I meant.

    To the OP: Yes that will work to grow, but you would really do better during veg with some 6500k lights, and they are really cheap, like 10 dollars for 2 27 watt lights.
  6. The 2700k light looks more orange, morange, to my eyes, and when it's CFLs rather than HPS they have a peachy-pink tinge to me, but I guess that underlies one of the key points when we talk about lighting -- humans perceive light rather than experience it directly like plants do. So what might look yellow-white to you might look orange to me and might look like who knows what to someone else. The plant knows the diff though.

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