May God Protect you in this time

Discussion in 'General' started by AloeRuss, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Hello

    I have spent time, great deal of time looking around, thinking, talking. Looking for the way to make a difference. To change the way. To show the way to many.
    I am a student of history. I take the crums of truth and meaning and try to present it to the ones around me. The ones I love. The history of the past has always presented the opportunity to ones that seek it. The centuries of the past were filled with opportunities that were given to many to change the course for their loved ones. For themselves.

    I was horrified to find and sadly announce that the ways to change or make a difference has been taken away from all of us here. Why I asked

    As sad as it is, ninety nine percent of the people do not want or need that. That is why this 99 percent will always be that. Will never take back what has been taken away and what rightfully belongs to them. I was even more in shock to learn that they do not know what it is or why they need it.
    Wery little of us have left who truly suffers. The ones that know that cable television is not what human rase is about and knows that human rase is not a hurd of ships that will be cliped for money every day. This is so awful to know and be one of them. What does one can do?
    I am looking for the one I can offer my existance to ones ideas I can follow. The Marx, The Lenin, Trotsky or just a Tsar in need.

    Imagine your grandparents doing what we are doing now.. Imagine us being what 18 year olds are today. This is a bad day to realize who you are part of. It is even worst not to be able to do nothing about it.

    My words for Tuesday. May God protect you in this time of shame when you realize who we, the people have become.
  2. No thanks God, ill protect myself.
  3. God is a fallacy, the world is beautiful, your English is only so so.
  4. I want some of what you just smoked....
  5. So... I don't understand what your saying
  6. My English can only be so so, compared to the world mate...
    and naturally in Buffalo or LA, "myself" is why we so separated in front of own TV's barely blinkng at others sorrow.
  7. God knew what we would become.

    In Genesis, before God sends the flood rains, he remarks that he "repents of making humanity." If he repented of making humanity then, he must be lashing himself for absolution at what humanity has become.

  8. True story. If god exists and created man he definitely knew what we would become and allowed it. And if we are created in god's image he must be an interesting fellow.
  9. Anyone want to paraphrase this? Im blazed

  10. Humanity sucks.

    May God keep us all safe during this super sucky time of the human race.

  11. Is it wrong to want this shit to end? I was kind of bummed nothing happened on the 21st
  12. Um... that is depressing lol. Be the change you want to see man. And love the bitch don't kill my vibe quote
  13. What we became is a sorry mountain of plasma with blinking eyes.
    Not being able to feel, to think, to understand to many its a blessing.
    If I would draw this on the canvas, I would have to wash it clean. Just like un-succesfull experiment, we became numb.

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