May 21/11 - Judgement Day?

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  1. I believe that something big is going to happen on the 21st. I do not think it will be christians meeting in the sky and everyone else being left to be tormented by the anti-christ, though. Not by any means. It will be great things, with much love.(if nething happens)

    Maybe I'll get more into detail with thoughts I have about it later...I'm ti
  2. Personally, I was feeling like it will be on the 22nd or the 23rd - it's not easy to be too precise about this. No wait, I've got it - it's definitely July the 15th or was it August the 21st? Well, it's going to be one of them anyway. At least I know one thing for sure. Which ever day it is, it absolutely positively will end in a 'Y'.

    There endeth my predictions for today!
  3. Didn't Jesus say something like "no man knows the hour of the coming of the Son of Man"? So why would these Christians think that they do know? If my limited reading of the new testament is right the "rapture" happens right before the battle of Gog and Magog, so Jesus would have already returned or is just about to...but if nobody knows except for G-d then trying to predict is futile, and actually predicting means you're a false prophet according to Jesus.

    But no, I don't think anything will happen. I wonder what sort of spin these guys will put on this prophecy once it doesn't come to pass
  4. The only important thing to me on that day is my fathers 60th birthday.
  5. Y2k
    Second Actual y2k

    This is nothing new. Just Christians trying to scare people into repenting.

    *yawn* next!
  6. Possible distraction tactic. There's always some date they try to get us to fear.
  7. Heard a story on it on NPR on the way home..was pretty lol...supposedly a HUGE end of world eartquake is going to happen, and all believers will flit into the sky with teh Jesus....

    NPR played "Its the End of the World" by REM at the a perky violin tune...was funny
    *there is a much larger thread on this topic btw...if you want to look
  8. If this happens, it will not be a "christian" event, though it is primarily being espoused by conservative christians in terms of a conservative reading of the book of revelations. This is not SOME. This is OUR CHOICE, and it is ALL.
  9. I remember y2k. I thought I wouldn't be able to play Everquest anymore.
  10. I hope something happens, I hope that something finally brings humanity together. I want to have millions upon millions of people working towards a common goal. I want life to have meaning, ever since everything has been modernized (everything being readily available to anyone, anywhere and stuff like that) I feel we have lost our... I don't know.. gusto?
  11. my birthday!! woohooo i feel special!!
  12. my mama's birthday!!
  13. I just got a Facebook invite for the post Rapture looting. I accepted, of course.
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  15. lol...people should check out the guys pics he posted in the science section of a ufo in shaghai today....just in time for the 21st! haha...whatever happens happens
  16. My friend's moving back from florida that day!

    That's all that'll happen.

    The reasoning for it is so backwards and convoluted that I'm seriously concerned for those who believe anything special is gonna happen because it was predicted to be so.
  17. Just more bullshit.
  18. Oh man.

    Ok - being that this date is a week away, I suppose its time to get into this subject.

    First, I am an AVID lover of God's word - and have been diligently/prayerfully studying the Bible for at least one hour per day - every day - for more than 10 years.

    Why I got started - I still have no idea. One day, my wife and I felt we should start reading the Bible every day. When I started I was not spiritual and knew nothing of God or the Bible. In fact, I remember being initially very surprised to discover God killed a LOT of people.

    Anyway - over the years I've grown in understanding - and realized most of all that the world tells of a God quite different from the one in the Bible. This is why I haven't attended church for years. But, I digress - my point is this...

    I've heard this guy - and at first didn't know what to think. I started listening on and off and discovered EVERYTHING he says comes from directly from the Bible. This caught my attention and I began to research him a bit more closely.

    All books and material explaining exactly how this date was determined are given away free. I read the information and discovered the Bible reveals this date exactly as he says. He is 89 years old, spends 1.5 hours every day answering questions on the air, is a volunteer and is constantly ridiculed. He gains NOTHING by proclaiming this date. Again, this is all very interesting.

    I can not say that things will unfold as he says - but the May 21, 2011 is a VERY, VERY important date in the Bible.

    Those that scoff and write off this date all have the same thing in common - they do not know the Bible. Word to the wise.
  19. I saw the math. It's bullshit. The bible is not "gods word", the bible was written and translated over and over again by men with their own agendas.

    "A day is as a thousand years", there's no possible way that the christian god has any concept of this primitive human concept of "time"

    People who believe in this get scoffed at because it's absurd.
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