Max's 1000w LED Multi-Strain Run

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  1. Hey G city... I'm back! Finally got my transplant done today and hopefully they bounce back without a hitch. Here's a link to my last journal to see the start of these HERE!!

    This is just like my last grows.. Coco/Hempy bins. Now I have a 5x5 so I can possibly try out a perpetual system but I have a few Autos I may throw in my 2.5x5 tent. The light is a Higrow 1000w 5w chip LED which actual draw is 388 but ill have the Platinum P300 to help when I flower for now which would give me a little over 650w.

    The strains are:
    Bomb Seeds Cherry Bomb Fem (front left)
    TGA strawberry diesel x space dude Reg (back right)
    Top left and the middle plants are from bag seed (one which came from Purps from the last grow.. no idea how)
    Barney Farms Tangerine Dream Fem (bottom right)

    Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, Bloom, B-52, and Cal Mag

    The 3 plants in 10 gal bins are a month old. The others in 4.5 gal bins are a few weeks. Ill give them a week or 2 so they can settle in their new pots before switching to flower in July. First time ill have to actually check to see if its male or female on a few plants but I need the experience lol.

    Sorry for the Burple pics... 20170529_130928.jpg 20170626_225029.jpg 20170629_193345.jpg
  2. Week 1 of 12/12 (switched on the 4th)

    Burple pics

    Still no signs of sex[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Week 2. Still seems too early to tell[​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Week 3: There's 2 male suspects and it happened to be the bag seed plants. I'm giving them a couple more weeks before they get pulled up. The back left plant and the middle front are the suspects. I'll get clear lighting pics before they get tossed. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. The two bag seeds were thrown out and ripped up. They showed their balls so they had to go. Only official strains from here on out!

    I also kicked on the p300 to help stop the stretch on space dude (glad it ended up being a female!) And I supercropped cherry bomb and space.

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  6. This is about 4-5 weeks of flowering. I don't think I'll get a yield anywhere close to what I got the last couple times. They didn't stretch like I wanted and it seems like I didn't veg long enough for 10 gal containers. I'll havta go back to the drawing board after this is done.

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