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Maxium yield

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by GreenMachine420, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. I have 2 clones from my buddies bag seed mother plant and im looking to get maxium yield out of them so they are in 5 gal. buckets with fox farms ocean forest soil...with 4 26watt CFL's (i plan on getting 2 more).im using bat guano for my nutes...should i top them or LST?(i have plenty of room so space is not a problem)...im willing to veg for a long time if thats wht it takes and if vegging for a long time is what it takes how long should i veg? any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.:smoking:
  2. You should'nt have to veg for that long to get a quarter pound per cloney.

    But for the money you spend on those cfls you could have got a 250W HPS from insidesun.com with ballast hood reflector pre wired!

  3. yea i realized this after i got the CFL's...but the next 2 im getting for free:D..but what about topping or LSTing?will either of those increase yield
  4. Using cfl's can reduce your harvest weight. I wouldn't bet if you had 100 watt cfl on one plant that you would get 2 ounces. If you had a metal halide or hps this will raise your harvest weight.
  5. Well Topping and all that, screen training and stuff thats up to you,

    But remember that might increase your yeild but dramaticly slows the growing time, Start experimenting with these techniques after your first grow is successful.

    But yes after you gain experience, top a plant at least once so that you can say your have and see what happens for yourself. To reduce the amount of pain you cause the plant the best technique in Fiming, You should be able to find information on it here.

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