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  1. Hey guys so a few months ago i bought a REALLY nice HiSi bong, its a 2 mushroom perked bong with a honeycomb diffuser, splash card, diffused bowl and diffused ashcatcher, i know its possible to put on more attachments i just dont know what, I put up a pic for you guys to see and if you have any ideas lemme know :)

    Climb Treeeeeees

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    ^^^ Thats the bong pic =]
  2. woah thats beautiful haha you could prob get a precooler or something for the bowl
  3. I'd be mad happy just to have that, but the best idea i could come up with is to get a vape with a bong attachment
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    ha yeah its an AMAZING piece does not even compare to some of my other perked bongs, the way its designed is just awesome, also they put the label HiSi on all their pieces so it makes it look way more legit =] :p

    the guy at the headshop/friend says that the diffused bowl somehow is better then getting a fancy bowl but ill look into it =]
  5. cmon guys just some ideas dont be lazy an to hi =]
  6. bumbbumbbumbbumb =]

    i want some ideaaaassss
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    glass screen? uhh other then that i would just leave it. i personally love the good old fashoned bong with a diffused downstem and nothing else. OMG put blue l.e.d.s in it powered by an on board 9 volt battery! holy shit that would be insane.
  8. ashcatcher/precooler.

    get some diffuser beads too.

    ey, smoke weed everyday!

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