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  1. Im sure this has been asked a few times before, but here goes.
    I am planning a 2nd grow area and i would like suggestions as what will get me the absolute best yield over the course of a year. the amount of harvests doesnt matter, just the end result, BUT it will only be under a 1000 watt hps. here are the items and limitations that i have. the room can be anywhere from 3x3 up to 7x6. a 1000 watt air cooled (300 cfm) light, the room can be vented by a 500 cfm squirrel cage fan.
    it will always be a soil grow, aside from cloning in an aeroponics setup.
    there will also be a veg box in a different room that is 5'x3.5'x4' tall
    I will be growing critical mass from mr. nice.
    I was thinking sog? scrog? I am just looking for the best yield if i run this room all the time.
  2. Your right....its been asked time after time after time after time one wants a small yield
  3. thanks, Tihspeed. Does anyone else have any input?

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