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Maximum Yield Per 1000W light

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by HeMadeMeDoIt, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. I've been growing for about 3 years now and the best I've been able to do is 1.5lbs dry per light. What have been some of your best crops and what did you do differently that time than yo usually do?

    Is 2.5-3lb/light possible? Would love to hear some feedback from some of you more experienced growers. Provide as much info as you can for example did you top and if so how many times and whats your grow medium, how long you veg and what kinda nutes do you use.

  2. i just finished 23 kush clones under 1- 1000w, it's still drying but i'll let you know my final yeild.

    what strains are you using to get 1.5 per light???

    B.C. too huh? nice.......firetrucking snow.....
  3. Man o man that fucking snow! I thought it was warming up too.

    Im growing PK and putting around 25 plants under each light.
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    ya i would have used more plants but my box is only 4by4....shoulda done 6by6 or bigger......live and learn......

    i'm hoping my new cheese plants will yeild lots more......for the price they better.
  5. I use 8x4 tables and put two lights on it, works out to 55 plants in 2 Gallon pots.
  6. hydro or soil........???? stupid question..tables = hydro..

    i've been using soil, but next time around i'll be using 8-5gal bubble buckets with my blue cheese....oh snap....

    i hate the mess of soil and then all the fricking flushin is so lame
  7. Believe it or not soil. I wouldnt know where to start with hydro.
  8. Wanna get the most out of your 1000W this is how: VERTICAL GROWING. Some get 1.4 grm per watt, this is my first time and I have a week to go and I can tell you my plants look way better than they did when the light was horizontal.

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  9. That certainly looks way better than mine. I'll post pics tomorrow, they're on their 4th week, I'd be curious what your yield will be compared to what you normally get. How many pots do you have around each light? How long did you veg your girls for?

  10. I have 12 pot and I veg for 2 weeks after root development.
  11. when I had the light horizontal out of 12 plants only 4 were getting the right amount of foot candles, now all of them share the same amount (8.500 FC).
  12. I use a 1000w for about 10-11 plants. I use dwc buckets. I veg for a month then normally end up with about 5 females and I normally get a half pound or more of each plant. So about 2.5lb. Ive gotten 3lb. one harvest.
  13. No I'm an idiot. I thought he was talking about where you have the bulb hanging vertically instead of horizantilly. Thats why I deleted my post. I didn't know he meant that type of vertical growing. But I looked at your setup on the link and its impressive. How much did that 3000watter light run you? Looks like something I might want to get into in the future. Right now I'm doing DWC buckets.
  14. my friend was growing a bunch of master kush and got a 2.8lb harvest under a 1000w
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    Thats pretty impressive. What are dwc buckets are those the regular 5 gallon buckets? Do you also veg in those or do you start in a smaller pot ? What strain are you growing?

  16. my friend was using dwc also in 5 gallon buckets in a bedroom. i dont know how many he had.
  17. Has anyone had similar results growing in dirt?
  18. Are you also using 5 gallon buckets? IF so how many plants per light are you putting in and how long are you vegging for? I've been getting 1.5 in 2 gallons but I'm debating switching to 5 gallons and reducing the number of plants per light from 25 to 10-12.

    Are you growig kosh too?
  19. im getting about 1.02gpw w/ 1 400w & 2 150w hps in a 3.5x3.5 tent w/ 6 plants
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    Thats pretty impressive but i guss the key is a smaller number of plants.

    I used to veg for 2 weeks under a 1000w MH in 500ml beer cups then move them to 2 gallons for 8 weeks under 1000w HPS per plant. This time I've made changes to my veg room and i'm going to Veg in 1 gallon pots for a 4-5 weeks then move them to 2 gallon pots. Now you've got me thinking maybe I should do less plants with 3 gallon pots instead.

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