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Maximum Yield 600 watt 5 plants.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by smokey-, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Hey GC, :hello:

    What would be the maximum yield I could expect off 5 plants under a 600 watt hps cool-tube in a 1m2 grow tent? The temps are in 70's and humidity is at around 50%. They are planted into 15L pots and vegged to 25". I know there won't be an exact prediction, but I would love to see what you guys have produced and see what you think I could yeild using these specs ..... o ye, the strain is skunk #1


  2. I grew 5 plants in 1m2 with a 600watt poot light in 10L pots, no humidity control as such just a fan on when the light was on, no ph/cf control as i dont have any meters, and got 16oz of great bud, and that was my 2nd grow, they where really good clones of my mates ICE i topped em all the way through, few pics in my gallery thing, depends whether from seed or clone, oh yeah i only vegged mine for 15days where all around 12" finished around 36"ish.you dont have to be really precise with everything to get good smoke, but it helps, i cant afford those luxuries :) id say you wouldnt get more than 20oz and thats pushing it i reckon, skunks a decent yeilder i guess.
  3. I pulled about 400g my last grow with 4 northern light under 600w cooltube, grew in coco, vegged for about 5 weeks.
    If grew well you could easily get 3-5 oz a plant. Goodluck.

  4. How high did u veg em? Mine are now around 25"
  5. I got about 1 oz out of a skunk #1 plant under 600W but the conditions were less than optimal. Skunk didn't yeild well (my blueberry plants had double the yield and they were in the same tent w/ same conditions) so temper your expectations a bit. 3-5oz per plant w/ a 5 week veg is pretty difficult to achieve but he was growing NL so it's a bit more believeable.

  6. Thanks man, just checked out your grows and they look great!! excellent work!

    Im just hoping to get around 8 - 9 oz from the 5 plants. Next time I'm going to have a scrog grow. More plants with less veg time (2week). Iv heard this is a great way of maximising yield with less time and electricity! I was thinking 10 - 18 plants in a 1m2 tent with 2 wk veg. Is that too much plant for that space?

  7. They were about a foot high when I switched them grew to nearly a metre I didn't have the space.... I wanted to veg them longer and probably would have ended up with a lot more if I did !!!!

    Heres a link to when they were 4 weeks 2 days into flower I took them all the way to 9 weeks.
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    maybe you guys are just alot better then me but under my 600w in a 1m tent i aim for 10 oz every grow from 4 plants and have yet to achieve it so far 8.5 oz's is my highest edit: im sure id of smashed 10 oz's by now if i left the stems and leafs on like half of the grows i see on here but thats just not me

  9. How big exactly is ur tent? What soil? What Nutes? What strain? How long did u vegg?
  10. Actually, with a scrog grow, you are going to have less plants...probably around 5 or 6.

  11. Ok cool. Still quite a noob at training techniques..... More reading me thinks. Il concentrate on this current grow, I'm aiming as high as 8 - 9 oz because with 3 plants in the same tent I yielded 4 1/2 oz (dry weight) that was with a 400 watt and the plants were literally half the size when switched to 12/12. Now I have 5 plants 600 watts..... The rest il just have to wait and see. Stay tuned for better pic updates. Switching to 12/12 at 25" with bottom popcorn bearing stems cut away. Thanks for any feedback guys, love this website!

  12. i did say its 1m tent shud of been more clear i gues 1mx1m 2m tall biobizz allmix soil bio bizz grow/bloom/topmax/heaven nutes veg around 4-5 weeks strain barneys farm lsd for the last few grows
  13. That's Almost the EXACT same setup as me except the strain. Do you use a Cool tube? any pics of your girls? 8.5 oz is cool and I wouldn't mind reaping that from 4 plants! Do you top them?

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    i use a coolstar yeh i have pics, and yes these were topped but im not topping my next grow

  15. 600 hps. On a light rail. I seen my teachers room with 2 1000watts on a 12 ft rail an hes able to do 110 plants under it an were talkn 5 footers with 7 to 8 oz per plant. So i decided to put a 600 on a 4 ft rail in my 77"x77"x77" room for flower on a scrog net an hoping to add 8 to 10 plants in thare. After seeing how far a 1000 watt can go on a rail is amazing if ur not on a rail. I highly suggest trying save ur money an dubble ur production

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