Maximum Wage?

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  1. So it's great that there's a minimum wage or else slave labour would still be around (well it is....NOT IN MY BACKYAARD!). I'm sure many of you have pondered the idea of having a max. wage set. Which is fucked right? That wouldn't really be capitalism afterall.
    So, if you were to theoretically make a max wage, what would it be? Why? And going further, how would you think we would have to change the current system to incorporate this?
    For me $200,000 is enough for anyone to live comfortably at this point in time, Canadian or American. However, just to make those rich fucks happy I'd say $10 million.

  2. I would set no maximum wage because people that high up are most likely not employees earning a wage. 
    $200,000 per year, holy shit. Liberals man... 
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    No limit.  But definitely taxed accordingly.
    For what would 3 yachts and 6 mansions be of use to you?
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    Precisely. They often wear suits and make decisions most of us would make logically. I can't speak from experience, but I mean really...
  7. Thank White Jesus I'm a well armed trust fund baby......
    Nah, just fucking with ya! I'm a broke ass Liberal. We need nothing more than a fair tax code and regulation by people not invested in the corporations and industries they are regulating.
    Contrary to NASA Joe's assumptions, that is a real Liberal. Like our founding fathers, not the conservative Tories that were loyal to the crown and the church!
  8. Idk if i want to get involved in this clusterfuck.

    Fuck it.

    A maximum wage would be impossible to enforce. One you are at the level of the 1% there are assets and such that arent considered income.

    Also if you limit a corperations income you limut growth and innivation.

    Also wut? How can yoi enforce a maximum wage? Tell them to stop working? Tax the rest of it? Force them to pat workers?

    Who is going to hack through all tjat red tape?

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  9. No minimum wage, no maximum wage, no taxes, no government. there. problem solved. :D
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    if someone wants to buy that stuff, why is it your concern?
    there's probably a homeless person out there wondering why having 2 computers, 2 TV's and a cellphone is any use to you. (not saying that you have those things.. but you know what i'm getting at)
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    There shouldn't be a "maximum" wage.
    However (the libertarians are going to love this one)...
    I think there should be a cap on what CEOs and other execs can earn.  Not a dollar amount cap, but (to just throw out a number) say they can't earn more than 50 times the average salary of all their employees. 
    If they pay their employees an average of 60k a year, they can earn $3 million in compensation.  If they pay their employees an average of $15,000 a year, than they might not fare as well, earning only $750K a year, but I think that's still a livable wage.  There shouldn't be any dollar limit to what a CEO can make as compensation, it just means they need to pay their employees more.

  12. Statist and their need to control others. Lol
    CEOs control the world.... PAY THEM MORE!!
  14. There should be no maximum wage. Because people deserve to make as much as they can, by hard work, etc. Liberals make me furious. 
  15. The point of running a company is to make money.

    Workers jobs are paid appropriate value based on the market.

    messing with the market messes up the economy

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    The funny thing is, the institution you believe to solve these problems is the very same one they use to get their riches and keep them in the first place. Government.
  17. What about CEO's that work there ass off to get to that position. Your saying that people that work hard shouldnt be able to get more money, thats bullshit, communism. Some things you dont know is that, the more money CEO's earn the more benifits the employees get, unless you have an ass of a boss. Capital runs this economy, and the quicker you learn that the better. Obama is ruining this country by all this shit he does, he simply a politician with good ideas, but he lives in fantasy land, not everyone can make the same amount of money, thats life.
  18. Have you put madmike to bed?
    You argue that the government is corrupt because of corporate influence, so you your solution is to just cut out the middle man and give them free reign?
    Makes perfect sense.
    Free reign compared to using the government that's above the law? Yeah, okay. What exactly are they going to do with this "free reign" you speak of?
    The regulations that stifle competition will be lifted. No more scary corporations!

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