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Maximum high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Emrich, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. So once i get my next pick up, maybe with some hash, i want to get to my max high. I get the danky dank, so it shouldnt take much at all, and i will have no tolerance.

    How do i tell how close i have been to my max high?

    When i had two hits of ak 47 with zero tolerance i was in the sky for three hours, and the highest ive been was after smoking a j of heavy indica, i got the shakes and just laid on my bed for four hours.

    How long are you absolutely baked for once you reach your max, how long does it take to come back to normal?
  2. The first time I ate an edible, I ate one and a 1/3 of them (split 4 cookies between 3 people)

    After 90 minutes I was high, and I didn't come down for another 16 hours.

    I fell asleep ripped and feeling like I was falling into my bed. Every hour I'd wake up still falling into my bed. Finally when I woke up around noon the next day I was sober. Insane experience!

    As far as smoking, I'd just smoke 2-3 full bowls to myself in my bong and I'd be gone for hours.
  3. maximum high? there is no such thing :D

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