Maximum dosages for drugs you've taken?

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  1. This isn't a topic asking for advice on dosages, just the most that we've ever done and also post the method of consumption.

    Vyvanse- 90mg- oral, obviously
    Oxycodone- 15mg- railed
    DXM- 250-300mg- oral
    Hydrocodone- 15mg-oral
    Adderall- 35mg-orally
    Alcohol- about 6 drinks

    Yeah all my highest dosages are actually pretty low and some are very low. I just rarely have a desire to get too fucked up. I prefer keeping it at a nice buzz. What about you guys?

  2. xanax-7 yellow bars 2 green hulk bars.
    alcohol- 1 bottles of tequila (cabo wabo) and a mixture called afterglow which is vodka and tequilla in one hour flat
    shrooms- 5 grams
    lsd (forgot the microdot level) but-4
    my favorite-100mg of DMT:eek:
  3. Acid-20 Hits (Awesome amazing and nuts)
    Ecstasy-2 rolls i believe 200mg
    Weed-3 Ounces on 420:p
    Mushrooms-14G (waaay to nuts lol)
    Heroin-1g(over the course of a day)
    Cocaine-8 Ball

    Yeah basically ;)
  4. Klonopin 30mg + vodka

    Oxycontin 120mg (I could go for 160 if i wanted but thats alot of cash to get high once)

    rest arent to impressive
  5. Well the only thing I have done that I could have overdosed on is Alcohol. Never done anything else besides mj and salvia. I weigh 130 pounds and drank a 12 pack or more one night at my dad's friends pool house. In about 5 hours. Left on my ATV to go to my cousins and ended up falling off the damn thing on the way there. Finally got there, drank another beer or two and he had to end up taking me home. I honestly don't remember the ride back to the house. Needless to say, I felt like ass the next morning.

    Figured I would give you a little story as well. :rolleyes:

  6. nice man. what are acid prices for a hit and a vile?, well wherever you are
  7. well i smoked a couple ounces of weed in a day
    railed 130mg of oxy
    killed an 8 ball in about a day'[i was skeeted like a motherfucker]
    drank a whole handle of captain in a night[at gasparilla]
    took .5 of molly in a night/morning[crazy fuckin night]
    took 12mg of xanax at once[woke up in my room naked with a pack of camel crushes the day they came out lol]
    dropped 7 hits of acid at once[it was way too intense]
    took 10 grams of shrooms
    popped some phenobarbital than drank tequila[ people say theres no memory on benzos lol nothing compared to barbs]
  8. 650 a sheet man kinda a rip off but not too bad MASS has expensive drugs

  9. holy shit:eek:
  10. yeah 650 is a little high, when its around abundantly its 450.
    but its bc im in with this "acid tribe" as they call themselves but i get it for 600 when they wanna make rent.

    solid 12-20 hour trip?
  11. 12 with a afterglow so it last longer
  12. Oxycodone- 200mg over the period of a few hours
    DXM- 800 mg- orally
    Hydrocodone- 80 mg-oral didnt feel much
    Adderall- 140 mgs railed
    Alcohol- 35 beers in about 5 hours
    Xanax- 22mgs over a 6 hour period.... was very nuts
    Kpins- 20mgs + i prefer xannys
    Valium- 45mgs
    Heroin - 5 bags railed
    Coke - 1.75 of DANK yay
    Ecstacy - 4 beans railed
    Crack - 1 gram,maybe more
    Zolpidem/Ambien - 50 mgs railed... This was very strange

    Thats all i can think of off the top of my head, im sure theres more
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    DXM- 700+mg
    Hydrocodone- 50mg
    acid-2 hits
    carisoprodol(soma)- 1400mg
    coke- 1/2g
    ecstasy- idk how much mdma, but 5 pink Louis V's
    tramadol- 450mg broken in half

    not very impressive..
    but who wants to take drugs to impress anyways? :)
  14. rofl, this is sig worthy.
  15. xanax-16mg
    soma-2.5 grams
    ecstasy-3-4 pills
    weed-20grams worth of butter
  16. This was easily the most fucked up I've been and it was a Thursday night. I took an eighth of shrooms in my friend's dorm room and we took 60 mg of addy to be zooming during our trip. We also invested in a gram of blow, 2g's chronic and some e pills. It was a wild night.
  17. Trams - 500mg
    Percs - 60mg
    Adderall - 60mg
    Vyvanse - 120mg
    Alcohol - Geez.. about 18 beers, 20 shots
    Marijuana - 2 ozs
  18. is anyone daring to out trip me?:p or maybe come to the looney bin with me hahaha
  19. Morphine ER - Took 2 (15 mg each)
    Alprazolam - Took 5-10 ( 1mg each)
    Concerta - 54 MG (crushed)
    Lean- 4 oz (Promethazine / Codeine Syrup - with hydros in it)
    Weed- Hella Trees
    Laced Blunts - ( IDK , Wet , A lil Coke)
    Valium - Took 2 (5 each Mg)
    Liquor- 2 pints of vodka and 1 of jose cuervo (ended up puking)
    Soma's - 700 mg all together at once
    Trazodone - 400 mg (while smokin weed n drinkin) fought the sleep

    nothin else that really stands out.
  20. Valium - 40mg
    Xanax - 3-4mg
    Soma - 1400mg
    Concerta - 108mg (then 54 later that day)
    Hydrocodone - 20mg
    Oxycodone - 20mg
    Weed - A lot
    Alcohol - A lot
    PCP - (1 stick)

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