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Maximum concentration of decarbed oil into 'standard strength' spirits?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Sylvatican, Oct 5, 2022.

  1. As above really... If I take, say 10g of decarbed oil, how much standard strength spirits (rum/brandy etc at approx 40% abv/80 proof) will effectively dissolve it into a stable solution?
    I currently use everclear/spirytus at a concentration of 15-25%. Eg.
    10g oil ÷ 0.15 = 66.6ml of tincture at 15% concentration (this assumes 10g oil weighs 10g, which is about right by my measurements)

    This strength range is good for sub lingual application, but the everclear is expensive, burns a little under the tongue if used too often, and seems to evaporate so readily that I end up with dropper bottle caps that are hard to unscrew. I guess by the end of a bottle, after a bit of evaporation, it could be a smidgen stronger too.

    I'd like to dissolve my oils into standard strength spirits, but don't know how much I can add to them before it won't efficiently dissolve. Rather than try and repeat what's already surely been figured out by someone else, can some kind soul point me in the right direction please?
    Cheers all...
    Ps. Hope that makes sense!
  2. Embrace the burn? I could never get a quick high with taking tincture sublingually, it always took about half an hour or so, the same as swallowing it. I finally decided to put sublingual absorption to the test and held my 190 proof ETOH tincture in my mouth thru the burn until my mouth was numb then continued to hold it. It still didn't work, if felt no different than simply swallowing it but what did happen was the next day the lining of my mouth began to slough off. I understand many people report a different experience but that's mine.
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  3. You make perfect sense. All I know is 80 proof alcohol is mostly water, and water and oil don't mix very well. 10 grams of oil is a good amount and frankly, I wouldn't try it. if you do try it, make a small batch and see how it works. Hopefully someone who knows will be along. Good luck.
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  4. soluble.jpg
    If you look closely, the solubility is VERY poor at room temperature. With even 90% alcohol you can see it's around the 0.5% mark, or less. The only way to get around this problem is to use an emulsifier, EG lecithin or polysorbate-80.
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  5. Bloody hell, sounds nasty! How strong is your tincture? By my maths, which may well be wrong, a tincture with 20% oil by volume would mean 1ml of tincture contains the same as 1g of 18% THC bud. I reckon that'd see most people high without a burn from one hit...

    I'll probably do a little more research then give it a go, and will happily update here. Lecithin is an interesting idea too...
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  6. This is interesting, thanks! Where is it from, and any idea what the horizontal axis represents?
    I've seen mention of lecithin... as an emulsifier it should help the cannabis oil mix with the water in standard strength spirits, right? Might there be an issue with it going rancid though? I always thought oil and water mixes have that potential...
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  7. Oil and Syrup
    @Sylvatican , you may find this thread of interest. He makes some highly concentrated tinctures and uses emulsifiers to make syrups.
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  8. When I made tincture, I first extracted with 99% ISO and reduced to oil before adding to Everclear . For the last few years I only use oil capsules and frankly don't understand the fascination with tinctures or making various types of edibles. I find consistent dosing easier using drops of oil. If I want gummies, I take an oil capsule and eat all the gummies I want, If I want to eat ice cream, I take a capsule and eat ice cream after the capsule kicks in (highly recommended). It even works with steak or baked potatoes. I make a relatively large batch of oil, like extracting maybe a pound or even two lbs of bud and have enough oil for a very long time. Large batches make for consistent dosing. I can "sample" a different "edible" every day for a year without fucking any of them up, and the dosage is always perfect. It even works with delivery pizza, just take a capsule and call for a pizza. I've considered getting a rosin press instead of extracting but for my personal needs I'd probably only use it once every few years so, for now, I need nothing more than my freezer full of oil and due to recent revelations, I find myself with enough oil to last me the rest of my life. Good luck with your experimentation and have fun.
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  9. Ta very much!
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  10. Fair play! Wish I had that much to play with
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  11. Sorry. The horizontal axis is temperature. Therefore I quoted solubility at room temperature. You can see it's almost nothing. This was a study done on cotton oil, but weed oil has similar properties.
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  12. Yes indeed oil and water mixes are very prone to go bad due to bacterial or fungal growth. However, if the ethanol content remains high, maybe 30% or more, it acts as a preservative. Polysorbate-80 is a better emulsifier, it's used in food so perfectly safe, and it's a lot easier to handle. Easily available from cosmetics factors.
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