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  1. I typed too many times already. The page keeps getting refreshed and clears my text. So I will just stick to facts and questions.
    I have:
    1000 watt setup my and hps
    12 cuttings of exodus cheese, in 1 gallon pots,, 5" tall
    A trip to many countries December 17
    The urgency to flower this week, and harvest December 3, so I can share with buddies and patients
    Is it possible to(with 5 inch plants):
    Yield 2 ounces per plant?
    Do a sea of green with OVER one square foot per plant(maybe 1.25) and fill the space?
    Yield over 12 + ounces (since 1w can yield 1 g, at half size, .5 g, at 3/4 plants, .375 g. Etc.....)?
    ULTIMATELY, HOW MAY I MAXIMIZE MY YIELD ON DECEMBER 3? Thanks IMG_20140928_181844.jpg IMG_20140928_181844.jpg
  2. Any help at all?
  3. What kind of medium? Nutes? Organic or bottled?

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  4. Reused potting soil, seaweed and guano homebrew, molasses
  5. Well, first I would switch to advanced nutrients, second I would get 2 ounces per plant.
  6. Is advanced nutrients organics? If not you can keep your cocaine
  7. If I try this method, can I reap two ounces per?
    And if I don't, what can I expect using seaweed and guano. Locally collected seaweed, soaked/brewed for months in a 20 gallon barrel, peruvian guano soaked in the brew, compost in the brew, and fresh local seaweed as mulch? I am running on a budget and I already have enough ready made organic fertilizer and ample seaweed at my disposal.
  8. Can I try seashells instead of the perlite?
  9. Cape cod shells.

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  10. This is an example of how I mulch plants with seaweed and the effect. As many of you know, seaweed contains many microorganisms, similar to wormcastings and molasses, with more nutrients.
    Pictured here, outdoor, is Iranian autoflower or short season by Dr. Greenthumb, it should have 2-3 weeks left, I transplanted it late, however there top bud filled up pretty well. This is due to homebrew feeding, and seaweed mulching. I only water when I fertilizer and let the rain take care of it.

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  11. That is not an autoflower by the way, out of 11 seeds, 8 survived, and I threw one back into veg, which is the taller plant shown in the back of the first picture.
  12. You can. But prolly not with 5 inchers. You would need them to end up between 2 and 3 feet tall more than likely.
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    Well.... it seems I still don't have a clear answer to my original question. Would it not reach 2 ounces without the method suggested, or NOT AT ALL? In terms of the perlite and worm casting I think I can replace with shells and seaweed
  14. I am not sure if I understand. does the seaweed cause growth and bud problems? Maybe the size of the bucket is decpetive, that plant looks only 12 inches tall or so.
  15. Seaweed does not cause problems, it corrects them. The plant is roughly 15 inches or so. As I said, I transplanted late, the plant got stunted and started budding early when it should have been in veg. I started the seeds in white cups .....
    Shows how much you know about "plants life" and gardening. Every true gardener knows about Seaweed, and those who don't are eager to learn, and hesitate to doubt. You seem like someone who just likes weed. But 7 years of the cultivation of marijuana turned me into a master farmer. The first year weed, the next tomato, then pepper and okra and corn and squash and cantaloupe and beans and Chinese lantern and kale and beets and onion and garlic and potatoes and lettuce and did I mention herbs? This year I'm trying to learn how to grow flowers from seed. I live in Cape Cod by the way.
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    Shows how well you read. Did I mention I know much about gardening? sorry all your work made such a sickly plant. How does such a great gardener like you screw up transplanting? I will avoid seaweed based not only on what you show but your attitude.
  17. I screwed up transplanting because I went out of state. Just like I'm going to 7 countries in December. Does that make sense to you? I don't see why you should have been throwing jabs in the first place. I think you need a real life, instead of throwing jabs when I am asking questions.
  18. I'm gonna ask you, how many sick people benefit from.your plants, how many people do you grow any kind of plant for?
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    You never even asked when that plant was planted. Where did you come.from anyway? God BLESS beerbrewer. A real caring considerate person. You didn't even say anything towards advice about my first question. Please be gone Mr.

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