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  1. I typed too many times already. The page keeps getting refreshed and clears my text. So I will just stick to facts and questions.
    I have:
    1000 watt setup my and hps
    12 cuttings of exodus cheese, in 1 gallon pots,, 5" tall
    A trip to many countries December 17
    The urgency to flower this week, and harvest December 3, so I can share with buddies and patients
    Is it possible to(with 5 inch plants):
    Yield 2 ounces per plant?
    Do a sea of green with OVER one square foot per plant(maybe 1.25) and fill the space?
    Yield over 12 + ounces (since 1w can yield 1 g, at half size, .5 g, at 3/4 plants, .375 g. Etc.....)?
    ULTIMATELY, HOW MAY I MAXIMIZE MY YIELD ON DECEMBER 3? Thanks View attachment 1573886 View attachment 1573886

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