Maxibloom is Gold & the KISS method is under rated

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    Since I first started growing I've tried a handfull of nutrients and methods. This past year I really stepped my game up. Invested in a 5x5 tent and two HLG-600 Kingbrite QB's. This upgrade has been a true game changer for me. I'm growing some of the best trees I ever have. I've narrowed my personal method down to a modified KISS method.

    I start my seeds in paper towels, then into solo cups of happy frog, then transplant them after about two weeks into their final containers. Which are usually 5 gallon air pots filled with 80% happy frog 20% perlite. Once they hit their final homes I feed nothing but 6.5 water for 30 days. My first feed comes in at 1/4th strength. I max out at 6 grams per gallon, so their first feed is 1.75g per gallon of maxibloom and 1/4th tsp Armor Si. I gradually increase to 1/2 strength and then to full strength about a week before flower in which I introduce KoolBloom dry nutrient at 1/8th strength. (The shit is strong as fuck).

    From here I just feed 6 grams per gallon maxi, 1 tsp per gallon armor si, and work the kool bloom up to full strength. I feed every other watering. So to recap

    -Seeds germ in paper towels
    -They go into solo cups for 14 days
    -Then into final containers where I feed nothing but 6.5 water for 30 days
    -first feed 1.75g per gallon and 1/4 tsp armor si
    -Work up to 6g per gallon maxibloom, 1 tsp armor si, introduce KoolBloom and work it up to 1/2 tsp per gallon
    -feed every other water

    This method has produce some killer buds. These are some critical kush that I have about 10-14 days from harvest using this method. I'm sold on what I'm doing. Its cheap. And the images speak for themselves imo. Doubt I'll ever buy bottled nutes again except for armor si. Oh, and I almost forgot, this next grow i will also be using mamoth p. Which is a great suppliment for cannabis.
    20191118_201050.jpg 20191118_203353.jpg 20191118_201706.jpg 20191118_201856.jpg 20191118_201103.jpg 20191118_201327.jpg 20191117_034203.jpg 20191118_201902.jpg 20191117_034339.jpg 20191118_203337.jpg 20191118_203332.jpg 20191118_201033.jpg
    20191112_201941.jpg 20191118_201356.jpg 20191117_043217.jpg

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  2. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Outstanding effort.
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  3. Thanks bro
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  4. Haven't seen buds like that for a long time - Credit where credit is due! Smashing it fella.
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  5. Nice lookin lady!
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  6. Awesome grow man. What strains are you running?
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  7. Hey thanks man. I'm currently running ;
    Barney's Farm Critical Kush & Barney's farm LSD

    The critical kush is awesome
  8. Hey thanks man. I'm currently running ;
    Barney's Farm Critical Kush & Barney's farm LSD

    The critical kush is awesome
  9. I got some good peyote critical freebies, I'm going to grow out, one day
    That second picture is nice.
    Good work man
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  10. Nice sounds like a tasty strain.

    These critical kush LITERALLY smell like fruity pebbles. Cant wait to try them!
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  11. Thank you brother. I worked hard on them!

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