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Max yield grow method?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by knoxis, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. What is the best method for yields if I had like a damn near unlimited supply of vegged clones ready for flowering when I got them? The cabinet I would be building would be like 5'Hx2'Dx4'W, prolly seperate it into two chambers and set up two grows kind of have a perpetual harvest, like one moth apart so I could harvest once a month.

    I have been reading alot lately, I recently ran across a post where a guy was talking about being a die hard SCoG fan, then as a test he switched to SoG and like doubled his yields in like 2/3 of the time.

    Any ideas?
  2. LST... end of discussion.
  3. hmm... thanks for super quick response... appreciate your opinion... anyone have any other opinions?
  4. Screen of Green it,
    the even canopy of buds will allow you to get a heavy yield if you do it right.

    If your not so sure about that, then LST it pure and simple
  5. i prefer super cropping then lst, but that's my opinion.
  6. Well maybe not the most yield per plant but the most yield for the area. You think if I do like 2-3 plants SCoG style I will get more yield then if I just crammed as many plants as I could in the same size space and didn't top them or anything?

    Going for biggest yield in the alloted space, should I use more plants untrained or less plants trained?
  7. Something about purposely bending my plants with my own hands that does not tickle my pickle.

  8. ^ me too but prob cause its my first grow, im not going to take any chances bending my girls, i just want them to grow up and produce some pretty sweet buds for me and my wife.


    I've also heard taht using a dehumidifier the last 2 weeks right before harvest helps but cant confirm this.
  9. true, but if you know what you're doing and have the experience, the results will show for itself.
  10. If you actually want SWEET BUDS youd bend that plant. From my own first hand experience LST works very well...youll get bigger, denser, danker buds:Dand isn't that what we all really need:bongin:
  11. Agreed. I won't say LST is absolutely the highest yielding way to go, but it will increase your yields significantly. For anyone leery of doing it, just go for it. If done when the plant is fairly thirsty, the plant will be much more limber and less prone to snap. Even if you do happen to partially break a stem, odds are that it will repair itself and be even stronger than before.

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