Max Roach- RIP Jazz master!

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  1. Sorry, I just thought I'd post this for the Jazzmen, the one's who knew of this man's immeasuranle influence on music and rythym in particular.

    I love jazz drummers, and Max Roach not only had the coolest name, he was truly one of the greatest ever to smack the skins, stir the soup, or take a solo.

    I will smoke this bowl in his honor, and wish for a coda on his life. You can't have too many musical geniuses, and now we're down one more.

    Love all, Serve All. Good-bye Master.
  2. I just found out about this. As a fellow jazz musician, this is another loss in the community. RIP Max, you will be missed. The next blunts for you!
  3. My friend just called and told me. Sad news, but he made it to 83 or something, better then alot of his contemporaries.

    We're gonna have a fat jam tonight in his honor.

    RIP Max.

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