Max amp on my car?

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    Hey blades, I'm going to be buying a 2004 Chrysler Sebring Coupe Limited soon, so it has a decent speaker setup as is with Infinity speakers, tweets, low mids. I definitely wanna put in a sub or two, it's probably going to be Solo Baric l5's from Kicker, but right now I'm a bit confused. I have no idea what amp I can use in my car without it killing the alternator, draining the battery, etc. I'm really just not up to the job of putting in a high output alternator or anything, so does anyone know what a safe thresh hold would be for an amp? The more efficient the better so I can get a bit more wattage. Thanks for any help :)

    Edit: Alright, so I used this guide I found by Crutchfield:

    I just found the 2004 alternator specs, which turns out to be 85 amps total.

    So then I worked backwards and figured out that, according to that, a max of 600 watts would be a safe limit for an amp. Any ideas so far?

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