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maui WOWIE !!! O__o

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmotPoker29, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. just had some maui wowie! and WOWIE that shit was DANKKKK! it was so soft, covered it luscious, rich THC with bright red-orange hairs all over! it broke up so fluffy and i just wanted to eat it right from the bag! i will definitely be getting more & i'll post pictures :hello:
  2. Make my night and post those pictures :smoke:
  3. hell yea thats whats up, keep on smokin dat shit
    so how much u get, and how much u pay? [​IMG]
  4. I wanna try some of dat shit. Heard about it much.
  5. well my dealer just got his hands on a fresh batch today so i tried out a nice nugget he gave me. and tomorrow i'll get either a half or a nice onion. i think im leaning towards the onion because i would NOT mind smoking this at alllllll.
  6. If you ever get a chance, smoke it with a friend.
  7. i smoked it with my boyfriend, does that count? :smoke:
  8. Cudi on a mission to get, liften liek John Legend and shit!!!:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  9. aww man, i totally missed the kid cudi reference! boo me. :(

    i'm high so no fair!
  10. I got some pics of maui wowie I had the other week... enjoy :smoke:




  11. mmmmm i had maui a couple weeks back
    im about to go smoke some blue dreams
  12. You guys talking about weed that was actually grown in Hawaii, or grown elsewhere with Maui seeds?
  13. i havent had the chance to ask my dealer about where it was grown. i'd think it was grown elsewhere with maui seeds.
  14. Mine is medical so probably grown not in Hawaii.
  15. ha what a coincidence..iim browsing through and this song is playing
    [ame=""]YouTube - Kid Cudi - Maui Wowie[/ame]
  16. This is one of my favorite strains, had this shit on halloween smoked a quarter between three people, got so toasted.
  17. Maui Wowie.

    Damn I haven't smoked any of that since the mid `60's, when I was in the USAF.
    One nice thing about then was that there wasn't any drug testing at the time. :smoke:

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