Maui Wowie and ??Mystery Seed?? Closet Grow

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  1. What up grasscity! This is my 1st confident grow with 2 trial and error ones in the past haha. Those were a story all their own though for sure.

    In the closet
    3 120 volt CFL's
    Regular floor fan
    Foxfarm Ocean Forest
    I have another light just like the 3 but haven't felt like it's necessary.

    Started it on a 24/0 cycle to get it going then bumped it 20/4 for a week and am now letting them vedge at 18/6 comfortably. Keep them misted regularly and they seem to be off to a great start. The Strains are 2 Maui Wowie seeds and the 2 unknown seeds from a local dispensary.

  2. Nice start but careful with the clear cups.
    I would transplant the into darker containers when you have a chance or wrap something around the ones you have. Good luck!

  3. duct tape did me just fine!!!
  4. Awesome, thanks for the heads up!
  5. update from the other day
    Plants look really good so far with only a few yellow spots on the original leaves. I added another light that I'll get pics of the next photo shoot. I will also make a note to distinguish the Maui from the ??Mystery?? also next time. I just wanted to get some pictures up and show everyone :D

  6. Looking healthy , maybe those spots are just light burn from a drop of water on the leaf or something.
  7. thanks. i think thats prob the case since i give them a misting every so often

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