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Maui Wowie and G13

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by simpsons001, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Picked up a half eighth of Maui Wowie and a half eighth of G13. Sorry about the pictures, they are from my cell phone. I forgot to ask which was which, but im pretty sure the first pic is g13 and the second is the Maui. Tell me what you think

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  2. nice pickup man. those are two of the strains that i really want to try. are you in nyc?
  3. Thanks, i had some of the g13 and it is great, i still need to try the Maui. No ha nebraska
  4. The Maui looks delicious. You should try and get some macros up if you haven't smoked them yet
  5. Yeah i just need to get a new camera, my old one broke
  6. Nice buds.

    Andything that looks that legit on a cell phone pic is something id smoke for sure.
  7. Thanks i appreciate it. I know i wish i had a good camera this stuff is super hairy

  8. I just went to a pawn shop yesterday and got an old nikon coolpix it is pretty legit for like 40 bucks brand new
  9. Nice share + rep.

    Go to walmart, buy a digital camera, take a macro shot, upload it, than return the camera :)
  10. Ha yeah that doesn't sound like a bad idea

  11. Wow he's right I'm going to do this daily. haha :hello:
  12. Or you could send those nugs to me. I'll take some macros for you :D
  13. Even tho that's a poor quality shot, my mouth is watering...makes me wanna jam to that kid cudi 'goin bacc to honolulu just to get that, that maui wowie, that mauie wowie...and i'm so high!' Lukky bastard, enjoy it and let me kno how that G-13 is
  14. Thanks for the comment. I will, im gonna smoke some tonight most likely.
  15. i would kill for that G13, post a smoke report on that, both nugs look dank enough on a cellphone anyway.
  16. Bud looks dank, even thought the picture quality isn't that good.
  17. haha yea! that song is great!
  18. Smoke report on the two:
    The g13 is a very euphoric and a stoney high.
    The Maui i found was more of an all around high. It was a good mix of body and head

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