Maui Mornings X 2

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  1. My second island to camp on was really a series of great surprises .

    Hitching a ride this time ( I usually by a cheap car and then sell it when car rentals are outrageous) with a traveling buddy we headed up the famous long and slow riding

    " Hana Highway "

    < >

    from Kahalui airport .

    < >

    We got a ride with some local hippies , there were cool and we ended up near Hana that night set up camp and began talking with some other hippies there at that camp .

    These guys were regulars traveling from one camp to another ( 30 day limit in each county campground ) , I shared some stash and they did too telling me about the area and it's points of interest , stoned we turned in . The night was windy on that rolling slope that was above an ancient Hawaiian harbor I knew nothing about till the next morning . That night the wind howled and raked my little dome tent savagely buy she held up well .

    While this wind was roaring away I thought I heard a sort of chanting from out in the distance in the style of " hula kahiko " the style if chanting with no musical instruments . It was hauntingly cool and intense but wayyyyy out there in the distance .

    The next morning while having a tea and doobie we ( all of us there at the campsite ) sat and I said :

    Did any of you hear that chanting last night ?

    The guys looked at and smiled a yes silently .

    So I ask whats up ? They in turn say " follow us ".

    I was taken to the edge of the slope that pointed downward to that ancient harbor

    < > ( this is the bay/harbor)

    and was told it was where the king of Maui had his armada moored . Also I was told that the chanting was a thing that happened occasionally and that this was their first time to heat it too . Trippy huh !

    That said we packed it in and hitched it in to Hana and camped at the " Wet Caves " of Waianapanapa .

    That was one cool place , I go there still !

    Next morning I wake up and take a look around as I prepare breakfast and see this dude walking through the camp saying loudly

    " Joint for a cigarette - - anybody got a cig for a joint ?

    Saying this as he walked about the campground .

    I didn't get to him that day but the next morning I had a carton of cigs waiting !

    When he showed up the next morning I called to him and said as he gave me a joint and I gave him a cig , what you give me for the rest of this carton ? He smiled and said .

    " I'll be back in a few minutes . "

    He returned with a small brown paper bag like the sized bag I got on Kauai for the seeds packed with sweet little buds !

    Again as I received this I thought , wow , this is getting better everyday !

    It got better too each day too after that one .


    Local Boy

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