Mauhinis First Grow Operation

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  1.     Hello blades! I am a young guy, about 19 in age and I've been toking for a good two years and before I start my journal I wanted to thank everyone for all of the information I have learned and thanks for giving me the confidence to grow a dank plant! So on that note here we go....
       My grow is going to consist of the Marijuana strain 'White Widow x Big Bud' a cross between the ever so potent White Widow and the strain known for it's high yield and nugg sizes 'Big Bud'. From reading I hear mixed things on this genetic but I feel it will be a good option as for my grow I am only going to have one plant in flowering at  a time. I wanted to have something pretty decent quality in terms of how potent it was but wanted to have a decent yield for one plant, I mean lets face it i'm not going to wait around 3 months for a quarter of bud (in some plant cases). I'm really shooting for a ounce or two. Below I will have information regarding my grow setup.
    ||GROW SPACE||
    3ft x 2ft x 7ft
    150w High-Pressure Sodium Light with Ballast/Ventilation​
    Jack's Classic 20-20-20 NPK​
    FoxFarm Ocean Forest (Organic)​
    Environmental Air Sponge (With Active Carbon)​
    Bud1.jpg Bud2.jpg Bud3.jpg
    (Will update)​


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