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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by i love headies, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Do to recent health issues I decided to cut out tobacco. I think through all my years all I cared about was getting mad baked and I looked the other way. I heard that smoking cigs after you smoke a bowl got you higher, so I did that. then I heard black and milds was even better. FUCK THAT! I used to smoke blunts all day everyday, and now its taking it's toll.

    If anyone gets anything from this post it's put your health first not quick fix you get. There's no point in getting a buzz if it's killing you. I'm saving up for a volcano and getting a cook book. I'm still for getting high and even blasted, but I think I've just realized that some shit is more important.

    And for everyone that smokes don't take me as bashing you, I'm not a hypocrite I'm just saying stop and take a look at what your doing.:wave:
  2. yah its called smoking and getting high i don't care what it dose to me live for the present
  3. I've never touched cigarettes, all my life... But the blunts probably make up for all the tobacco I don't smoke :rolleyes:.

    Don't you think you can live for the present and still have a future? Good for the OP to stop smoking tobacco.
  4. yeah cigs are nasty, there's no valid reason to smoke them.
  5. Word, weed gives me everything I need.
  6. blunts/spliffs/even joints are only for occasions for me, i try to get the cardiovascular side of me up to tpar though, would never want pot to effect that.
  7. I love ciggarettes. :cool:
  8. vaporizers are definitely a safer alternative to 'smoking' herb ... but you will never achieve the same stone from a quality bong....:smoking:


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