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Ive done a couple of grows my tet al struggle to rip my baby's without someone smarter than me sayi

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  1. Can someone tell if they think my baby's are ripe I always struggle with this decision are they mature enough to pluck. Cheers in advance

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  2. Close enough to me. All the white hairs are receded or gone orange. Take her I say.

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  3. upload_2022-9-25_9-10-46.jpeg

    Oxbird sells a $20.00 USB microscope that will give you a real look. 50x is all you need.

  4. Cheers
  5. Wow is that from australia or overseas
  6. also you can get the lens' for the phone nowadays. They just snap onto the phone and you don't need to snip any buds first. Seems the way to go for me.
  7. Google brings it up so it's online stuff.
    You only need a fingernail clipping sized sample to scope and a table and chair gets you a much better focus and the best pictures.



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