Mature 3 leaf plant

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  1. [​IMG]:confused:

    All leaves are 3 maybe 5. and its close to its flowering stage. This is a shot of one shoot coming off the main stock.

    you can kind of see the leaves sorry for bad photo.
  2. I had three plants doing that for quite of them was even throwing singles, and another was throwing twos threes and fours. Now for the most part they are back up to t fives again. Not sure why or what to tell you except it might just work itself out. I posted a thread similar to this weeks ago
  3. Thanks for your input. Yeah it just seems like its really confuzed. It grows like 4 points out of a 5 point leave making it not symetrical. TOO WIERD
  4. Its all pretty new to me. at least you know your not the only with that issue
  5. It could just a really sativa dominant strain, with some weird genetics? Looks healthy to me though. Just keep us posted on the flowering process, and good luck!
  6. will do. got 2 white widows growing to

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