Mattskeee's First Time 4x4 RDWC LED AUTO GROW

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  1. Hi kids!

    Decided to start a thread over here, due to some technical issues at AFN and started making some new friends :)

    First time grow.

    145x145x180cm Tent
    480w Quantum Board in 3500k+660+UV from Kingbrite
    4 x 15L pots + 15L Res.
    *More details to he added*

    First up, I just really need a health check on my little girls -
    We are now approaching 10 days from sprout.

    Initially under a VERY weak LED for 2-3 days.
    Then under a 1000w cheap Chinese blurple which is actually only pulling 83w.

    I've got them sitting in the direct sunlight today as it's a beautiful day, I think I overwatered them about 72hrs ago now, but seemed to have dried up.

    Just a little slow for what I thought!

    The stretch is obvious from the initial weak lights. Thoughts on getting them in under the QB? Into the pots?


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  2. Subbed up man!

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  3. Welcome!

    What do you reckon about the girls?

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  4. They’re definitely looking much better just be careful to not let those root riots dry out entirely. You want them moist just not entirely soaked.
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  5. I think they look healthy. What happened to your little seedling that looked like mine with the missing Cotyledons. Is it one of those? Mine is still the smallest but it doesn’t have that deformed look anymore. :)
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  6. It is! It's the first individual picture, probably actually the healthiest of them all!

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  7. Looking at that you’d never guess what it looked like a few days ago. Plants are pretty resilient. I mean they really want to live!
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  8. And so they bloody should!

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  9. Thought I'd take the opportunity to upload a few pics while I'm out playing!

    Please ignore how messy it is! Still laying everything out and testing.

    Inkbird temp controller connected to Oil Heater to keep temps around 20-22°c

    Aquarium heater to keep water temperature around 20°c.

    6inch fan and carbon filter.

    4 inch round air discs for each pot
    2 x medium round air stones for the res

    480w Quantum Board in 3500k+UV+IR

    EVERYTHING ON - total draw 1300 watts... hopefully with temps settled and not everything running at once, should be around 800. If I can keep it under the 1kwh that would be amazing as I'm averaging about 45c/kWh here... will make it bloody expensive!

    Oh I forgot the Bluelab Guardian to monitor PPM/temp and ph constantly in the res. About to calibrate now...

    Anyway... Then it's time for a leak test![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. Well, I've transplanted and all sys
    tems go!

    Water seems to be pretty sweet. MY tap water is about ph7, 150ppm, It's been resting a few days.

    Hydroton rinsed. Tent temp and water temp around 20 for both.

    Air stones in each pot. Bluelab calibrated and water phd to 6.5ish, 180ppm.

    About 15000lux at each site from the QB. About 600mm /24" height.

    Buried the baby girls so they're not so leggy.

    It's weird not being able to look at them every 5 minutes as they're away in the garage now!

    Lets see How they go![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. So we've had their first night in their new homes, and all seems to be sweet. That's the first time I haven't checked on them every hour lol- probably a good thing having them in the garage.

    Outside temps 8.9°c
    Tent temp 19-20°c
    Water temp 22°c
    RH 62%
    PPM 200 (just tap and ph'd)
    No leaks.

    I upped the QB power, I'd say were about 50-60% now.

    Pretty happy with all of those numbers! Everything sitting right bout where I want them to be. Hopefully the tent maintains s certain level of homeostasis, that way my heaters aren't running 24/7 And power will stay at a more friendly level.

    No more pics, girls look the same.

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  12. Instagram, down.
    Facebook, down.
    WhatsApp, down., down.

    What is there to do?! Thanks GC. Couldn't sleep last night and started going back through pictures...

    I think today marks my THIRD WEEK since they've broken soil, but they still look like they're only a few days old :-(

    Biggest plant is maybe 2 inch from largest leaves across?

    I haven't given any nutrients as they still seem so small and it's been a bumpy ride.

    Have I just given them a slow, shit start with the bad lighting in the first week, and slight over watering?

    Should I introduce very weak nutes (GH Flora Trio) and see how they go?

    Environment is spot on, tent temp and rh, water temps and ph (though ph does keep creeping up slowly - but I believe this is natural?)


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  14. Have a question , your water temp is 24°c
    With is 75°f what is your RH and room temp ?

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  15. Yeah that temp is creeping, I need a smaller heater. It's between 22-23 usually. I have heater because we have freezing temps over night.

    Tent is 18-20°c controlled by thermostat + heater/fan.
    RH is between 45-60%

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  16. I'm trying to get it all balanced around 20-22°C water and tent, but outside temps fluctuate from -1°c up to 20°c.

    New equipment, working out best settings and power to maintain equilibrium/homeostasis.

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  17. We're in summer , hot days warm nights , 32c days 26c nights , we are having a cool spell at the moment my tent was at 26.1when I got home today at lights out so I feel I need to get a chiller for my system.
    I think I'm going with the ice probe seems to work good for being cost efficient. [​IMG]

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  18. You're in winter right now I see .

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  19. Sorry for my double post - check the second reply will give you a bit more info.

    Yeah right now I need to heat!

    When it comes to summer here in Oz, will definitely need a chiller. Looking at this - Ace Aqua Aquarium Water Chiller - Fish Tank Heater 60L 797776869671 | eBay

    A decent price for the correct volume, with digital thermo.. set it at 20 and forget!

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  20. I like that one , thanks , seems exclusive to AU

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