Matt's 1-day 100% Germination Technique

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  1. Seeds

    Don't waste time with bagseeds! Bagseeds out of weed that was trafficed was grown for smoke - but something went wrong. In my experience most bagseed is a result of a stray hermie! But in the US or UK it might be different. If your bag of weed is noticably an outdoor grow-it could be viable beans! Always get quality genetics, I spent 3 months training a hermie on a screen, found out it was hermie - then had to chop it and go get better genes! I recommend Lowryder or Lowryder #2 genes due to simplicity and short veg time. My sig contains a coupon code.


    + Regular paper towel (No brown, No Scents, etc.)
    + Measuring cup
    + warm water
    + plastic wrap
    + flouro light fixture or stereo that gives off heat or a TV
    + Seeds
    + latex gloves (Or something so your hands don't touch the water or paper towels!)


    -Fold two sheets of paper towel together (like closing a book)
    -Fold that in half
    -Repeat once then move to next step

    -Now line the walls of the measuring cup with one of your folded dry paper towel pieces
    -Now Add your warm water (<80*F) only fill the bottom half inch with water. Let the paper towel saturate fully

    -Now add your second folded papertowel sheet and let it saturate against the papertowel pieces that lines the walls of the measuring cup. Now you have a dual layer liner around the inside of the measureing cup with warm water, perfect!
    - make small pockets inbetween the layers by sticking the layers together in as many places as you have seeds.
    - Stick one seed in every pocket. Do not try to cover the seed completely you only need 2 small contact points on either side of each seed. The rest of the seed should get air!!! Never just plop your seeds in water.

    -Now cover the measuring cup with plastic wrap and put it on a light fixture or something to keep it quite warm!!! The humidty inside the cup will be 100% its perfect method like hydroponics.

    Always keep it covered, evapouration lowers the water tempurature and browns your paper towel (toxic).

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