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Discussion in 'General' started by streetballa, May 26, 2003.

  1. i just saw the matrix reloaded, high!!, it was awesome!ok we got a ride there right, and we went behind the mvie theatre in a dark area and lit this blunt, we smoke it and have a large ass roach left, plus we got ripped, we went inside and we started the movie, then i bought this funny candy called......:eek:......SQUIGGLIES!!, it was just kawsome, ok and then i got a drink and went back, watched some of the movie, and lost interest, lol, then i had the worst case of the giggles, i just kept thinkin of funny words and everytime i would think of tellin them to my friend i would crack up, lol, and everyone heard me!!, lol, this was great night, later me and the homie are goin to chill out on his balcony and smoke that moster roach and an after smoke ciggarette. im happy, this was a good day, :-D
  2. I saw it high too. It was truely amazing. I also saw XMEN2 high.
  3. man i went SOBER and this movie fucked with my head. Did any of you get the end of the movie???? man thats trippy a matrix inside a matrix. trippy shit
  4. I like that movie. And I get squigglies every time I get food at the theater. I've been to that movie 3 times sober now. And now that I have some pot I refuse to pay to go to that movie any more. It's getting really expensive.
  5. hey thc101 that was some good shit we got man im still ripped and we got half the bowl left but that was trippy shit with that truck,anywayz i coud use some squiggilies rite now.
  6. I'm holdin off on seein it until I can be stoned for it. (I can't smoke right now.. friggin test..)
  7. What happens at the end is very hard to understand. The system ( the matrix ) isnt perfect because people figure out that its not real. The 99.99% accept it but there is " The One" that is Neo. He leads them to Zion then the machines destroy it and they leave like 19 male and 23 female to rebuild it. Simple and I was stoned out of my mind, heh I mean some badass blueberry. Oh well if dont understand anything ask meh.
  8. i'm not being racist, and it doesn't bother me at all about this, but did anyone notice that most of the people in Zion were black? i just noticed that for some reason.

    cool film!
  9. have your numbers wrong. He chooses 16 females and 7 other males leaving 24 total, and 2 chicks for every guy. I wanna rebuild Zion, even if I am white.

  10. as all races interbreed in the future the average skin tone becomes darker, well thats my explanation.

    i was disapointed by this matrix, it didn't live up to my expectations. but x-men 2 rocked
  11. i rolled a 1/4 into a jamaican rum blunt wrap, me and 2 friends smoked it and went to the movie (it was my friends b-day) and it was insane, i hadnt been that ripped in forever and that was quite the experience

    matrix inside a matrix i thought was a bad idea, they could have done something different than that

  12. I thought it was an interesting idea. I've also heard that it will be explained in the third movie.
  13. About the matrix inside another matrix. i just think that sucked because all of this time Neo could have been kicking the living shit outta tha sentinals.
  14. but he didnt know he could... now he does... hes the ultimate warrior!!

    ps. i am neo...
  15. WTF?
    I saw that movie ripped and straight. I didn't think it was that great either way, but it was one of the few movies that was better straight than high. Weird, huh?

    By the way, about the black people thing, here is my theory (I'm not racist): They stuck all those black people in there because they represent a "cool" culture to all those geeky matrix fans who like, write school papers on it and stuff.

  16. You must not have understood that movie. Cause that whole movie was great. Who ever thought up all that i think is a fuckin genious. He had to have been on somthin (acid or something.) I dont think its a matrix within a matrix i forget what it was, my uncle was explaning it to me. He could be wrong its all about the way you take it. Different theories.
  17. When neo went into the architechs room he became one with the machines. The way the matrix is reloaded is when the one connects with the machine and then is born again. except neo didnt choose that door. so now hes connected mentally to all of the sentinals.
  18. the darker skin tone theory is actually correct, even in todays world.

    Its true, caucasians are a dieng breed. The gene for white skin is, fuck whats the words, opposite of dominant? well whatever, all the other non white genes are dominant, so when an "other" has a child with a white person, theres about an 80% the kid will come out "other." in the next 500 years we should be almost extinct i think....

    (i read that over, and it kinda sounded racist some how? dont know if it is or not, but its not meant to be....)
  19. Teehee. You guys hear that Matrix Reloaded was banned in Egypt? Cause it questions religion, or some BS.
  20. The words resesive, and this movie kicked ass when i went to see it stoned. Too bad i forget the whole thing, one of the things i remember about it was the begining when u were flying through the green numbers and stuff. That was cool, i need to see it again straight so i could understand it. Peace

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