matrix reloaded tonight!

Discussion in 'General' started by skedastik, May 15, 2003.

  1. matrix reloaded tonight.. woohoo.. got an 1/4 of kind buds to smoke on the drive there... tits! it's just too bad we'll have to wait forever to get in... oh well... i shall still be pretty high
  2. god damn i can't wait to see that......i think it comes out here on the 20th..........Peace out........Sid
  3. man i have seen the matrix tonnes, as much as star wars i reckon. i used to watch it about 4 times a week when i first got it on video

  4. are you serious? lol... how could you watch the same movie over and over and over again........ maybe like once a month.....

    I think the movie's gonna have some crazy visual effects but besides

    i'll still go out an see it though...
  5. it is going to be eye-candy that is for sure... im pretty excited about seeing it tonight... plus Monica is looking pretty tits in this flick... i can't imagine being dissappointed... especially high
  6. I don't get to see it 'till tomorrow after school :(. It's gonna kick some major ass. I'm saving a nug of my friend's homegrown to smoke before the show....
  7. it's 3 pm... 7 hour countdown begins...
  8. yea 12inch... i dont get to see it until sat! that sucks major ass, but at least i get to see it
  9. I'll see it tomorrow. Only 28 hours and 44 minutes to go. And I watch the first Matrix once or twice a week. I watched it the other night. I'll prolly watch it tonight. And I may watch it tomorrow before going to Reloaded b/c one of the girls going hasn't seen it.
  10. I'll try and remember to come back tonight and give a rating. I'm not going to smoke tonight because I'm cleaning up for a few weeks. :( The first movie rocked and I expect this one to be the same or better!
  11. little over 3 hours... woohoo... time to start tokin' ... gonna be a great night
  12. Damn you skedastik! I wanna see it now! :)

    I'm eating a brownie that I made tonite right before school tomorrow, then smoking a bowl or two before I go into the movie after school....
  13. No neet to get high for this movie! Special effects are good enough to make you think you are high. Besides, there are some parts of the movie that explains why the Matrix is the way it is, that would confuse you if you were baked. I was clean and need to see it again to piece the two movies together. Overall, I give it a thumbs up!
  14. fucking insanity! wow! you will all see for yourselves...

    i am very pleased
  15. 2 hours and 25 miuntes and better be good.
  16. hope the plot dont suck cuz u know some sequels just plainly mess it up
  17. It was pretty good. Ends at a bad spot, but I expected that. That's th reason Revolutions is coming out so soon. The last 2 movies are basically one that's chopped in half. They knew people would be pissed if it would be another year or longer until the next one came out. Good movie with amazing effects.

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