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  1. anyone ever heard of him? i saw one of his vids on VH1 last night.

    makes some pretty chill music.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  2. im pretty sure a lot of people here at GC have heard of him...and ya hes sick lol
  3. thats cool.

    im just starting to listen more reggae. ive always liked it but never really listened
  4. ya reggae is sick...if u like reggae check out:

    Slightly Stoopid
    10 ft ganja Plant
    collie buddz

    thats all i can think of now lol
  5. haha. cool ill check em out.

    ive listened to Pepper before. some chill music right tharr ^_^
  6. yeahh he has alot of chill music ... my favorite one from him is called " Sea to Sea" ..
    good shit.
  7. Hell yeah Matisyahu is awesome. A few of my favs are got no water, close my eyes, and chop em down
  8. matisyahu's mad chill.

    the keyboard player in his band is a family friend so we can get tickets pretty easily now :D
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    does anybody else think Matisyahu is really Matt-is-yahoo since his name is Matthew?

    btw thats a great song though!

    mannn ive listened to this song like 20 times since I read this thread earlier, its amazing!
  10. I love Matisyahu
  11. Live at Stubbs ftw, modern reggae is my favourite music to listen to while driving.. Passafire, Jah Roots, Slightly Stoopid, Expendables, Sublime, Dispatch, etc

  12. agreed...i love bumping the same kinda stuff in my car, SS, sublime, rebelution, 10 ft ganja plant, marley brothers (mainly damian) and more lol

  13. I second that motion.

    Matisyahu is good stuff
  14. I heard of the guy several years ago on TV, but never bothered to listen to his music.
    Today I hear his music courtesy of the OP's link. I shall NOW bother to listen to his music.
    He's brilliant!!!
  15. Greetings All!!

    Yes I!! Matisyahu is a great artist, definatly inspired from a greater source :D!!! The way his music comes out its amazing and Soooooo soulfull ahhaha I guess im having a hard time expressing how great this artist is in words... hes great!

    -Big Up Matisyahu fans!!
  16. Matisyahu is the man, been a fan sense he started getting out there. Add The Expendables to the list of modern reggae that was posted earlier too.
  17. I mean, if you guys really want to see my pictures of him that i have i will post them. He played in my city very recently, he is one of my favorite artists. An amazing performance. And to top it all off, i also managed to grab his guitarists guitar picks (the amazing Aaaron Doogan), my best friend also got a drumstick and two picks. I carry that little piece of plastic with me everywhere.

    The photos i have are super close, front row in your face pics, super happy fun times! We were also incredibly blazed, went to the show after a few joints to the face.

    Glad to see some Matis love around here. :)
  18. Great artist! I got a lot of people around where i live to start listening to him just by bumping it everywhere i go and playing it during burn seshes:smoke:. Oh and about Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Rebeluiton, and Iration, I'm seeing them ALL LIVE tomorrow and i'm sooo stoked!!! I will definitely be flying high :ey:
  19. Matisyahu is currently celebrating Rosh hashanah as we speak.
  20. Meh Matisyahu completely butchered his latest album "light" IMO, however i have "live at stubbs" in my top ten favorite albums ever

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