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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ClassicBruce, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. Suppose I want to mate a male with a good female to produce some seeds on only that one female, but I only have one growroom. Lots of females I don't want ot bear seed.

    What are my options? The males pollinate early, of course, but I have no idea how far their pollen reaches, for one thing. Is it possible to somehow isolate the breeding male & female not far away from the main grow area?

    I guess I could set up a mini-growroom in a closet in the growroom using VHO, but it's still close to all the other females, and if I keep the closet door always shut, it might hurt the plants...

    How do others handle this? The only thing I can think of is using the kitchen pantry for the mating, but I'm gonna catch some hell, and worse, someone probably will accidentally foul it up by lighting up the dark period.

    I feel like I'm missing something more obvious. Can you do a real quick pollinization in a separate room, or do they take a long time? That would help a lot if it was very fast.
  2. males can pollinate females from MILES away, just depends if its up wind or down.
    your best bet is to isolate the male outside or somewhere nobody goes, including your self, cause just a tiny bit of pollen can cause a disaster, pollen sticks to everything.

    take the males outta of the grow room, flower them, wont take but maybe a 2-3 week window for a male to start droping its juice:) once you see a few good male bulbs, up root it, hold it upside down and shake the shit outta it, over a big piece of wax paper, get the mother plant you intend to knock up out of the grow room, take a bbq bayster(spell?) anf rub it into the pollen from the male, and rub the pollen onto the buds you want to make seed.

    hope this helps ya?
  3. Yeah, that helps a lot. Since yesterday I got hold of a book on flowering by Tom Flowers that has a similar plan, except he advises an expensive artist's tool for holding the pollen. The BBQ baster sounds a lot cheaper, and I already have one.


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